Apple Patents Dynamic Island Replacement with Under-Display Sensors for Future Devices

Apple has been granted a patent that proposes changing the present Dynamic Island approach used in its devices. The new patent specifies multiple sensors that may be put anywhere beneath the display and utilised to capture eye and gesture movements. Touch ID sensors, 3D non-contact gestures, pressure, position, orientation, health, humidity, eye-tracking, and other sensors may be included.

The under-display sensors may also contain optical and light detection and range sensors, which can detect where the user’s gaze is directed. According to the patent, the position of these sensors may be adjusted by building transparent windows, and the sensors beneath the display are unseen to the user.

Under-Display Sensors for iPhone

The patent is not restricted to the iPhone but may also be applied to Macs, iPads, Apple Watches, future mixed-reality glasses and headsets, and other Apple devices. Apple noted that the concept might be used in a car’s head-up display.

Apple plans to accomplish this effect by altering the structure of the layers in its devices’ displays. The company aims to produce a seamless user experience by using sensors that are not visible to the user but still provide essential functionality.

The patent suggests that the Face ID system in future devices may be hidden beneath the screen. The document specifies the ability to show gestures performed without touching the screen.

This new technology is expected to make its way into future Apple devices, bringing to the market a new level of functionality and user experience.

Avinash A
Avinash A
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