Even on Macs: Apple Plans To Bring Face ID To Its All Devices

Apple would be planning to include FaceID, its facial recognition system, in iPhone SE, cheaper iPads, and Macs.

Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg journalist, revealed in his weekly newsletter, via 9to5Mac, that Apple plans to introduce secure Face ID to all iPhone, iPad and Mac models within a couple of years.

According to Gurman, “implementing Face ID in all of its major devices is the company’s ultimate goal. If it were possible, Apple would have already nixed Touch ID. But it has had to stick around for a couple of reasons. On the iPhone SE and non-Pro iPads, it’s a cheaper alternative that lets Apple cut costs while still offering security.”

However, Face ID has an extra function compared to fingerprint unlocking — it can be used for augmented reality functions. One of the most practical examples is Memojis, which can detect our gestures thanks to the TrueDepth camera sensors. Touch ID, on the other hand, only serves as a security measure for unlocking the device, logging in or paying through Apple Pay.

Gurman highlights how complex it is to include a TrueDepth system in devices such as Macs, where the screen is too thin to introduce a depth of field lens. Gurman, however, believes that Apple will bring this technology to its computers in the coming years.

Although, the inclusion of FaceID in low-cost Macs and iPads will not arrive until 2022. However, Gurman is expecting the new redesigned MacBook Pros arriving this year could have FaceID integrated.

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