Apple Is Going To Build A Mini City With Thousands Of Employees

Apple has announced an investment of $1 billion for the construction of a gigantic campus and engineering center outside of California.

In what Apple defines as a moment of “recovery and reconstruction”, the company has explained how it will continue to bet on “innovation and manufacturing” in the United States. The plan focuses on all 50 states, with a total investment of $80 billion to be spent on building new data centers and US suppliers, but also includes Apple TV+ own productions.

More impressive is the announcement of the $1 billion that will be dedicated exclusively to a new area in North Carolina that will house Apple’s new engineering center — a large campus that will employ 3,000 people and that will follow in the footsteps of Apple Park.

It will be practically a small town, as Apple will invest $100 million in improving and expanding the services necessary to accommodate so many people. That includes the support of public schools and communities in the area. In addition, extra funds will be used to improve infrastructures such as careers, bridges, and internet networks.

This expansion will be necessary for Apple that has only grown during this pandemic, thanks to the launch of new products such as the iPhone 12 but, especially with its work on new computer processors.

Apple has decided not to stay only in California, the state most associated with the technology sector and, of course, where Silicon Valley is located. Expansion outside of California may seem odd, but it is not unique among tech companies. Tesla is now focusing on Texas, and its sister SpaceX wants to create a city from practically nothing. And Google has been planning a smart city in Toronto for years to experiment and apply its technologies.

Anu Thomas John
Anu Thomas John
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