Apple Patents An Apple Watch With Touch ID And Under-Screen Camera

A new Apple patent shows an Apple Watch that, for the first time, would include a Touch ID and an under-screen camera to make simple video calls.

As we can see in Patently Apple, an Apple Watch with a Touch ID button on the side and also equipped with not yet popular technology, an under-screen camera.

The original patent details how this new Apple Watch would work. Regarding the screen, the patent theorizes about a Watch with a double layer screen, in such a way that the camera and the flash would be visible only when they were in use.

Apple Watch With Touch ID And Under-Screen Camera patent

A pixel panel is placed above and below a layer with a matrix that changes the flow of light that arrives. In this way, if we need the camera, that part of the screen can become transparent or, at least, allow light to enter so that the camera can capture it and thus take photos or videos.

On Touch ID, things are much simpler. Apple would follow the same steps that it has carried out with the iPad Air. The main button of the watch would have a fingerprint reader on its surface, just like in the latest Apple tablet. The difference is that in this case, the reader would be much smaller.

As always, we must remember that these are nothing more than patents, that is, ideas that may not translate into real products. However, Apple has already dared to innovate with some of its new products, so it would not be unusual to try again with its most successful watch.

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