Apple Working On Its Own Search Engine For iPhone, And Would Replace Google As The Default Search Engine

As a part of the recent antitrust lawsuit by the United States Department of Justice, a deal between Apple and Google moves into the focus of the investigation.

Apple and Google agreed that Google would remain as the preferred search engine on Apple devices, and for this purpose, Apple is said to receive eight to twelve billion US dollars a year.

A movement that, of course, can be considered as an anti-competitive practice by Google. It looks like Apple would like to avoid this search engine monopoly by developing its own search engine.

According to the Financial Times, Apple is working on developing an alternative to Google search. 

If this were true, Apple would join the growing list of companies that by necessity or on a whim want to stop relying on Google’s embrace, such as Huawei that by imposition is involved in the development of its own search engine, Petal Search.

Within the recent iOS 14, Apple shows web search results and their links in the form of “Siri suggestions” directly on the phone’s search screen, accessible by swiping down.

Apple hiring John Giannandrea, team lead of Google’s sprawling research and artificial intelligence wing, back in 2018 to improve Siri also fueled the rumors.

In addition, there are job offers from Apple looking for engineers. This without going any further, tells us about Apple’s intention to “define and implement the architecture of Apple’s ‘revolutionary’ search technology.”

As if that weren’t the case, it has been known today that Apple has bought Vilnyx, a startup in Barcelona that specializes in artificial intelligence. It was intended to improve AI algorithms to search for videos on the Internet, has been working within Apple for a year now.

Avinash A
Avinash A
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