How to avoid downloading fake PC Optimizer?

With the operating system and hardware becoming advanced throughout the years, there is always a question of whether or not PC optimization software is required for tuning up the computer. And with cybercriminals using optimizers to spread their malicious codes, users are more skeptical about downloading them.

A year back, I got the Advanced SystemCare optimizer to speed up my old computer. However, a question was always on mind whether Advanced SystemCare is safe or not. Such is the reputation of PC optimizers in the market.

In this post, we would discuss more about PC optimizers, whether they are worth buying, and how to avoid fake PC optimizers.

What are PC Optimizers?

PC Optimization Software or PC Optimizers are specially designed software that can clean the junk and fix few more performance issues to speed up the computer. A basic optimizer can help you automatically clean up your trash folder, outdated registry entries, caches, and other non-essential system files. Some advanced optimizers can have added features such as fixing your broken registries, automatically updating the software and drivers, applications uninstaller, and recovering the accidentally deleted documents.

Many people confuse PC optimizers with security programs. Although they have quite a lot of similarities, PC optimization software are different from the security programs. Security programs like antivirus or antimalware are basically meant to find out and remove the system vulnerabilities, while PC optimizers are used mainly for cleanup and speeding up the system. Though antimalware programs can also be said as optimizers since they too remove rogue applications and files and thereby clean up the PC. Some advanced security programs also come with an in-built optimizer tool.

Are PC Optimizers of any use?

You now know the function of a PC optimizer; the question now is whether you need it on your system?

Back when computers used to run on Windows 95 till Windows XP, the OS was not that advanced, and hardware was also used to be slower. At that time, the PC optimization programs were at their peak. Using the optimizers, the Windows users used to get significant results. It used to speed up the computer, making working on it more comfortable.

However, the modern OS, i.e., Windows 10 or even 8, are much more advanced than their previous counterparts. Windows 10 comes with in-built optimization features such as disk-clean up, add or remove programs, disk fragmentation, and monitoring tools to check for any irregularities.

Users can also perform more optimizing tasks manually, such as removing broken registries, cleaning junks by deleting temporary files, and clearing Recycle Bin.

Although PC optimization applications can perform all these tasks in just a few clicks without the user’s intervene. So, if you are someone who is new to computers or don’t trust your manual skills to optimize your PC, then the PC optimization software is right for you.

How to avoid fake PC Optimizer?

Since PC optimization applications are always in huge demand, cybercriminals take advantage of this and release malware programs on the internet in the name of PC Optimizers. In the greed of getting optimizers for free, many users download the infected, fake ones and infiltrate their system with a malicious program or file.

To avoid getting a fake optimizer for your system, there are certain factors you can check for before downloading the app. Here is the list for that.

Installation Way

A fake or infected PC optimizer would suddenly appear on your system without you installing it. It might get installed through a bundled software or shareware. The installation of such apps is hidden in the installer’s advanced settings because most people ignore that while installing a program.

On the other hand, you can only install a legit optimizer by downloading its installer from the official, reputed sites. They don’t just suddenly appear on the system. The installation is transparent and does not begin without the user’s initiation.

Working Way

A reputed system optimizer provides users with full flexibility on its working strategy. Users can customize their settings according to their needs and exclude what they don’t want to optimize. The legit PC optimizer doesn’t cause any trouble to the system’s working because that is the opposite of what it is meant for. They run only when initiated by the user or at a particular period. The legit program won’t continuously disturb the users with pop-ups and notifications while they are at work.

The fake optimizers do the opposite of what they are designed for. Instead of freeing up space by deleting broken registries, they create new registries so that they could initiate themselves at the system startup. The users have no control over their settings. The fake PC optimizer would also show fake alerts and prompt users to buy the premium version for full optimization.


If you are not happy with the working of the authentic PC optimizer or if you don’t require it anymore, you can easily uninstall your system. A legit program would completely delete from the system without leaving any debris.

A fake optimizer, on the other hand, is very difficult to remove from the PC. Once it gets into your system, it might remain hidden on the system even if you uninstall it. It can even block the antivirus programs to stay undetected from them. After the uninstallation, its infected remains won’t leave the system and keep disturbing the work.

Final Words

Unlike the older times, PC optimizer does not have much usability today. However, they are still popular among users to fix frequent issues and speed up the PC. As said, such programs are meant only for naive users.

If you search for the optimizer on the internet, you will find more fake ones than authentic ones. So, it is easy to mistake a fake application for the legitimate one. However, by keeping the points discussed in this post in your mind, you might save yourself from a malicious attack and fraud.

Vidhu Prathapan
Vidhu Prathapan
Meet Vidhu Prathapan, our expert gaming editor and software reviewer. With a Computer Science degree, Vidhu combines technical expertise with a passion for gaming trends. His authoritative software reviews and trend analysis have earned him industry recognition. Off-screen, Vidhu is an avid trail runner and pizza connoisseur.


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