What Are the Best Technological Tools to Use for Student Engagement?

Nowadays, students have a lot of different opportunities at their disposal. In a world with advanced technology that rapidly grows as an entire industry, they have more ways to make their classroom interesting. Student engagement is something that represents an important part of their education. However, it is often the case that some of them lack it. As more and more technological devices and features are getting involved in educational institutions, it is fair to say that the level of engagement during the classes must be bigger. The point of it is to create an interesting environment for students and still allow them to learn beneficial information regularly. So, let’s check out what are the best technological tools that can be used for student engagement.

Video Games

At the first sight, it might look awkward but video games can indeed increase the level of students’ engagement during the classes by far. Since the first signs of massive technological improvements appeared, the use of video games in high schools and colleges has become frequent. And, their presence is not particularly imagined to provide students with a little fun. Alongside joyful moments, they can also learn. Playing video games represents one of the most represented hobbies for younger populations in recent years. Some of them allow their users to experience things they could only dream of recently. There are many video games online that can truly help students in numerous ways. Depending on the concept and genre, each of them can boost different skills. For example, there can be found games whose content is focused on survivability, like “The Last of Us”. Here, students are experiencing situations related to surviving tough moments and learning how to make correct decisions in the right moments. Such a method can really increase students’ willingness to participate in the classes and the lessons that are in front of them.


Have you ever been thinking about how it would be to have a little quiz time in the classroom? Well, with Kahoot at your disposal, that would be a reality. Students can select some of over 100 games that are ready to launch or create their own quiz with adjusted questions in a couple of minutes. It is compatible with more than one device so its implementation would never be a problem. It represents a great way for students to have fun, laugh a little bit, and find out who is the smartest guy in the classroom.


One of the most typical issues that distract students from carefully following their teachers’ speaking is surrounding noise. This is a common problem for educational institutions that are situated nearby some high-traffic streets. Although students themselves are not responsible for the noise that comes from the outside, they can collectively agree to find the most efficient ways to isolate the classroom, at least during the classes. Students must be focused on the lessons that come through the teachers’ mouths and if background noise is constantly present, a lot of content can be misunderstood or not heard at all. If no solutions can be found, the Krisp application will be a true-life savior. It is an artificial intelligence-based application that is created as a background noise remover. It provides people with acoustic and room echo removal which will help students to hear what teachers are saying to them. 

writing and other things


Students’ engagement is frequently associated with the level of interaction in the classroom. The way they communicate holds the key for every door. With the Venngage at your disposal, you can forget about confusing communication, dry data, and dull documents. This is a professional infographic maker with over 10 thousand templates available. The most important thing is that it allows students to experience learning lessons in real-time. It implies that they can get suitable feedback instantly. Data analytics is a theme that has gained a lot of attention in recent times. Hence, it allows digital literacy to be improved and makes students understand its value. Through Venngage, students can visualize the data they have collected which will definitely make the classroom a far more interesting place to be. Just imagine how much it will boost their engagement. 


Multitasking is something that broke through the thick branches of the modern world. It allows people to do several things at the same time. Just imagine that a writer writes his paper in which a 1000-word essay is two pages and at the same time reads useful data that he will eventually put onto his paper. Wouldn’t it be fantastic? Well, Trello can secure similar things to students. Namely, it is designed to help them with organizing their assignments. It is a free tool that students can also use to create charts related to their workflow. Another feature that can be interesting is that it allows a couple of students to be a part of the exact board. Thus, Trello can additionally boost students’ collaboration with each other and motivate them to work in groups. As group projects are frequently seen in schools, this will be a real jewel to the students.


Technological tools are truly beneficial designs for the entire humankind. They are making participation in classes interesting. With them, students will get to know the newest ways of learning and experience things that will have a positive impact on their lives. What can they ask more for?

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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