Build It: Amazon Crowdfunding Platform Where Customers Can Vote On New Amazon Products

Amazon announced Build It, a crowdfunding platform where customers can vote on what new product they want Amazon to develop next.

In practice, it is similar to Kickstarter, although we see the most direct comparison with Xiaomi, which has been implementing this strategy in various products for some years.

Build It is part of its Day 1 Editions program, which engages users to get their opinion on new products. Amazon will now integrate crowdfunding as a way to find out what interests its customers.

The new initiative will debut with three products: a smart sticky note printer, a smart nutrition scale, and a smart cuckoo clock, all powered by Alexa.

Those interested may make an advance purchase within the Amazon website, which will serve to increase the interest percentage. If the bar reaches 100% within 30 days, the product will be manufactured for the mass. The first three smart devices are already available for reservation with a deadline of March 19 at 8:59 (GMT-8).

Smart Sticky Note Printer can print shopping or task lists. This should be possible via an Alexa device with a simple voice command. The thermal printer is delivered with yellow paper; if it is realized, there should also be other paper colors. Amazon will offer suitable paper rolls individually as soon as the project is implemented. The Alexa note printer costs $90.

Smart Nutrition Scale is said to be sold for $35 and can announce nutritional information for thousands of ingredients. You can ask the assistant to weigh a certain amount of a product based on its calories or ask how much sugar it contains. To do this, it must be announced which food is on the scale, and Alexa should then provide the appropriate information. If you use an Echo Show, this data is also shown on display.

Smart Cuckoo Clock, $80 smart clock that includes speakers and Alexa compatibility. You can set alarms or timers through voice commands that will be displayed on the LED screen. Unlike mechanical cuckoos, the Amazon clock allows you to choose a variety of sounds and automatically adjusts for daylight saving time.

If the concepts do not achieve the minimum reservations for 30 days, they will be canceled and the money will be returned to users. Even if a Build-It product is implemented, that does not necessarily mean that it will come onto the market on a regular basis. Amazon assumes that the devices will then only be offered in limited numbers at full price.

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