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Here you will get best customization ideas to tweak Android devices to make them much better in looks and performance.

Unique Android Launcher

18 Best free unique Launchers for Android (updated 2020)

Who doesn't love to customize their Android smartphone and make it look more beautiful and elegant? Android is a highly flexible and...
Activate WhatsApp Stickers On Android Smartphone

How To Activate WhatsApp Stickers On Android Smartphone

WhatsApp Messenger for Android introduced stickers on its recent version for beta users. In this article, we will show you how to activate WhatsApp...
hide files on Android

2 Ways To Hide Files On Android Without Using Any Apps

Privacy and security matters to us, so all of us like to hide some files on our Android device — doesn't matter what it...
Simple Hacks To Save Battery Life In Android Smartphones

15 Ways To Save Battery Life On Android Smartphones In 2020

Are you struggling to save battery life on Android devices? All of us hate frequent charging. Battery backup always...
Best Free Antivirus Android Apps

10 Best Free Antivirus Apps For Android (2020 List)

In 2020, let's start with safeguarding your smartphone with the best free antivirus Android apps. It doesn't matter if...
Android customization Ideas To Tweak Smartphone

10 Android Customization Ideas To Tweak Your Smartphone

Looking for some Android customization ideas to tweak your smartphone? Then, you are at right place. Because in this article we are...
encrypt Android or iOS devices

How to encrypt Android or iOS devices and stay protected

Why we should encrypt Android or iOS devices in our hand? Security of your digital data has now become a concerning issue. Everyone's Android or...
Android Apps that Drain Battery

Top Android Apps that Drain Battery and Use Up all your Data and Storage

Do your Android smartphone drain battery easily or use up all your mobile data and storage? Whether you’re a seasoned Android user or you’ve just...

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