Qualcomm Snapdragon news and stories

Millions of smartphones with Snapdragon chips are vulnerable

The security company Checkpoint claims to have discovered more than 400 security holes in the digital signal processor (DSP) of Qualcomm's Snapdragon chips, and hundreds of millions of devices are said to be affected.
Critical Vulnerabilities Affecting Windows

86% Of Critical Vulnerabilities Affecting Windows Could Be Avoided By Removing Admin Rights

According to a report released by a popular security firm says that almost nine-out-of-ten critical vulnerabilities affecting Windows could be mitigated by removing the admin rights. The report takes an in-depth look at the vulnerabilities affecting...
Mark Zuckerburg Quit His Job At Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg Quit His Job At Facebook Because Of This Bug

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Quit his job at Facebook. Yes you heard it right. You can check it . Click here to see the Facebook post of  Mark Zuckerberg about quiting his job. Don’t be surprised or shocked,...
Facebook news

These 25 malicious Android apps caught stealing Facebook credentials

Google has removed 25 malicious Android apps from Google Play that were stealing Facebook login credentials. If you have them installed, delete them now. The removal of malicious apps...
airdrop vulnerability

A Critical Apple AirDrop Vulnerability Allows Hackers To Install Malware Silently In Apple iOS...

After the release of Apple's latest operating system, iOS 9, a cyber security company has uncovered a bug in earlier versions of the software that can be exploited silently over AirDrop to install malware...
Intel Chip-Level Security Bug Fix Is Going To Slow Down Linux & Windows PC

Upcoming Intel Chip-Level Security Bug Fix Is Going To Slow Down Linux & Windows...

Fix for a massive chip-level security bug in Intel processors produced in the past 10 years is going affect the performance of your Linux and Windows laptops. According to The Register, this major security hole...
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Microsoft fixes 17-year-old critical ‘wormable’ vulnerability in Windows DNS Server

Microsoft has discovered and patched a 17-year-old severe and problematic vulnerability in Windows DNS servers. The vulnerability, dubbed 'SigRed' — discovered by Check Point researchers — allowed attackers to crafted malicious...
KRACK WPA2 Wi-Fi Vulnerability

KRACK WPA2 Wi-Fi Vulnerability Compromises Almost All Devices That Supports Wi-Fi

WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access II) — the WiFi security protocol which considers safeguarding a vast majority of wifi connections has now been compromised to a deadly vulnerability called Key Reinstallation Attacks or KRACK. Belgian researchers...