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Mark Zuckerburg Quit His Job At Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg Quit His Job At Facebook Because Of This Bug

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Quit his job at Facebook. Yes you heard it right. You can check it . Click here to see the Facebook post of  Mark Zuckerberg about quiting his job.Don’t be surprised or shocked,...
MediaTek Powered Android Smartphones Vulnerable

Software Bug Put Several MediaTek Powered Android Smartphones Vulnerable to Attack

If you own a Android device which is powered by MediaTek chipsets, then your device is vulnerable to cyber attack. Yes recent reports officially confirms that a software bug in MediaTek powered Android smartphones...
iOS 9

Apple Fixes Three Zero-Day Vulnerabilities In iOS and macOS

Apple has fixed three critical zero-day vulnerabilities for iOS and macOS, which have already been actively exploited for attacks, through updates.The vulnerabilities were discovered by Google's Project Zero and the company's Threat Analysis Group...
android to run on windows 10 mobile

Bug Allows Android To Run On Windows 10 Mobile

How about a Microsoft powered Android phone. Yes its here, not funny because latest Microsoft security patch covers loophole that allows Android to run on Windows 10 mobile.When Microsoft's latest operating system Windows 10...
airdrop vulnerability

A Critical Apple AirDrop Vulnerability Allows Hackers To Install Malware Silently In Apple iOS...

After the release of Apple's latest operating system, iOS 9, a cyber security company has uncovered a bug in earlier versions of the software that can be exploited silently over AirDrop to install malware...
android lollipop vulnerability

Major Security Flaw In Android Lollipop Allows Anyone To Unlock Your Smartphone

In this year we saw many security flaws in Android Operating system,it seems that they fails to provide a first class security guard to this popular platform.Recently a security analyst at the University of...
Crash Google Chrome

Bug Reported : A Simple String Can Crash Google Chrome

Recently a new bug has been found in Google Chrome browser, that Typing in a 16 character link and hitting enter, clicking on a 16-character link, or even just putting your cursor over a 16-character...
WordPress Plugin Zero-Day Flaw Affects Over 10,000 Websites Vulnerable to Exploit

WordPress Plugin Zero-Day Flaw Affects Over 10,000 Websites Vulnerable to Exploit

Wordpress most widely used Content Management System (CMS) mostly compromises because of the flaws in its plugins. Recently a Wordpress plugin zero-day flaw has been detected, which already affected over 10,000 websites vulnerable to exploit.Also...