Different chatting apps

Different chatting apps with unique functionalities to serve its users

Being connected via the internet has now become easier than before. Earlier we were just limited to emails then to social networks...
project aura

Google Glass To Reanimate Under New Team Called “Project Aura”

Google is going to reanimate its flagging Google Glass project by hiring three consumer electronics experts from Amazon's secretive Lab 126.The project dubbed Project Aura,  is aimed...
Diamond Batteries Developed From Nuclear Waste

This Diamond Batteries Developed From Nuclear Waste Can Last For ‘5000 Years’

Researches discovered how to develop a power source — that could last 5000 years — from nuclear waste. Scientists from the University of Bristol, UK,...
WordPress Plugins Conflicts

WordPress Plugins Conflicts: An Easy Way to Overcome It

WordPress supports various plugins made by different developers, and that is why web owners love it. Plugins are installed to serve multiple purposes, but...
Edge browser for Linux

Microsoft might release Chromium-based Edge browser for Linux

Microsoft is planning to release Chromium-based Edge browser for Linux users. But before the release, Microsoft is looking for Linux developers to...
Addicted to Facebook

Why we are Addicted to Facebook ? – Interesting Survey Results

Admit it, you've thought about walking away from Facebook at one time or another. Perhaps you've gone so far as to shut down your...
IBM Quantum Experience

This Website From IBM Allows Anyone To Run Experiments On An Actual Quantum Computer

Quantum Computer or Quantum Computing is not a well-established field since all major companies — like Google, Microsoft, IBM — still in the early...
facebook dislike button

Soon There Will Be A Facebook Dislike Button

It's finally here, " Dislike " button is here.Facebook confirmed that they are working on one of the most frequently requested feature " Dislike...

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