Fun brain teaser games on Android to train your brain

10 Fun brain teaser games for Android and iOS to train your brain in...

Love to solve puzzles — How about some fun brain teaser games for Android to meddle with your mind during your pastime hours. Here are such 5 best games to train your brain.Previously we...
Track Expenses-Best Budgeting Apps For Android

10 Best Budgeting Apps For Android To Track Expenses

Getting your finances on track isn't as easy as it looks. But in the modern world, with the help of your smartphone, managing personal finance became easy. Now we have a lot of the...
Best Android Root Apps

25 Best Root Apps For Android (updated 2020)

Android Root apps — a special set of applications to enhance and open new possibilities to your rooted Android devices.A rooted Android device allows us to easily tweak our phone to the next level by installing some special apps and also...
hackers spy on you with phone camera and mic

This Android App warns you when your phone’s camera or mic is in use

If you are worried about your privacy and like to find out if any app is spying on you — then use Access Dot, an ad hoc Android privacy application that warns you when...
Android malware and adware news

67 Percent Of Malicious Apps Are Circulated Via Google Play Store

Not even the official Android app store, Google Play, is safe. The largest Android app store in the world is used and abused by hackers who choose it to spread infected apps and carry...
DC or Marvel-best Superhero Games For Android

DC or Marvel?: 8 Best Superhero Games For Android

Love superheroes and like to control and guide your favorite one — then check out these best superhero games for Android. DC or Marvel?: Which universe you love? Who is your favorite superhero? It will always...
WhatsApp Pay Officially Arrives In India

WhatsApp Pay Officially Arrives In India

WhatsApp Pay comes out of beta — after two years and the various obstacles, WhatsApp Pay has finally arrived in India.WhatsApp Pay has been available for about two years for over one million users, within an...
WhatsApp Memory Management Tool

WhatsApp Memory Management Tool To Save Storage On Your Smartphone

WhatsApp Messenger is rolling out a new feature to save storage on your smartphone. A new memory management tool helps users find and delete files that take up too much space on their smartphones.The...