Best Android Hacking Apps And Tools

Selected 42 Best Android Hacking Apps And Tools (Updated 2023)

Best Android hacking apps — one of the most searched queries in Google. Nowadays, every geek wants to tweak their Android smartphone into a hacking device. But most of them don't know where to start, or what...
Apple Pay Later

Apple Launches Apple Pay Later Service in the US

Apple has announced a new post-payment feature called ApplePay Later. The service allows Apple Pay purchases to be split into four instalments over six weeks and paid without interest or late fees. This feature is designed...
Puzzle Games for Android and iOS

Puzzle Games for Android and iOS: Keeping Your Brain Sharp and Entertained in 2023

Puzzle games for Android and iOS are a genre of games that challenge the player's problem-solving skills. These games often involve logic, strategy, and critical thinking. Puzzle games are a popular pastime because they...
Google Maps Immersive 3D Views

Google Maps will Introduce Immersive 3D Views of Cities Soon

Google Maps is rolling out one of its most impressive updates in years — a 3D view of some of the most important cities on the planet that almost appears real.  The immersive 3D view...
Parental control

The Ethics of Parental Control Apps: Balancing Protection and Trust

As our lives become more intertwined with technology, the need for parental control apps has become increasingly apparent. With the rise of social media and the internet, parents are looking for ways to protect...
Best lightweight Android Apps

30 Best Lite Android Apps To Save Your Data And Battery (Updated 2023)

Does your favourite app eat your data, slow your smartphone or drain your battery? Then why don't you try some lite Android apps for tasks like social networking, managing emails, browsing, etc... Most of the popular Android apps...
Bike Racing Games for Android and iOS

Top 10 Bike Racing Games for Android and iOS in 2023

Bike racing games are some of the most popular games on the Android and iOS platforms — providing gamers with an adrenaline rush and a thrilling experience. The Google Play Store and Apple App...
Google Magic Eraser Tool

Google’s Magic Eraser Tool Now Available to All Google One Subscribers

Google Pixel phones are well-known for their superior photography features, such as the "Magic Eraser" tool, which utilises artificial intelligence to erase unwanted stuff from photographs. Until recently, this utility was only available to owners...