Mozilla Firefox extensions

10 Best Mozilla Firefox extensions of 2021

Like Google Chrome extensions, Mozilla Firefox extensions brings many features to your desktop browsing experience. In this article, we are sharing some of the best Mozilla Firefox add-ons you should consider installing.Mozilla Firefox will...
Android browsers for different needs

5 best Android browsers for your different needs

There is a handful of choice for best Android browsers are available on Google Play but most of are using Google Chrome as the default Android browser.According to reports, about 60% of mobile users...
Decision making games for Android

Top 8 Decision making games for Android

We have to make decisions throughout our lives, from when we are practically born to the day we die. They are not usually easy decisions, since they can change our immediate present or long-term...
Spotify voice assistant

“Hey Spotify”: Spotify Integrates Its Own Voice Assistant To Enjoy Hands-Free Way To Control...

Spotify just integrated its own Alexa-style voice assistant so we can enjoy a hands-free way to control music.According to GSM Arena, who has been able to test the feature says, the new Spotify Assistant, which...
Google Maps Eco-Friendly Routes

AI-Controlled Navigation: Google Maps Will Choose The Most Eco-Friendly Routes

Google plans to introduce a total of more than 100 AI-supported improvements to Google Maps this year.With an update for the Android and iOS app in the course of the year, Google Maps will...
Google Assistant New Feature

Google Assistant Will Become “More Human” With This New Feature

Very soon the Google Assistant will receive a feature that will increase its usefulness.According to 9to5Google, Google is testing Memory — a feature that technology describes as "a quick and easy way to find everything...
android stories

Android Apps Crashing: Strange Android Glitch Causing Problems For Users

Numerous users have reported crashes of various Android apps in the past 24 hours. The reason for the malfunction is apparently in the Android System Webview application, which allows Android applications to display content...
DC or Marvel-best Superhero Games For Android

DC or Marvel?: 8 Best Superhero Games For Android

Love superheroes and like to control and guide your favorite one — then check out these best superhero games for Android. DC or Marvel?: Which universe you love? Who is your favorite superhero? It will always...