How to Choose Which Board Management Solution Fits Your Needs

Today, many people have to work remotely, without missing work moments and conferences. For quick communication with colleagues and superiors, you need to install a board of directors software on

One of the obvious advantages of Internet communication is the ability to exchange instant messages and video communication. Today there are a large number of programs and applications that will help you communicate in video format over the Internet, wherever you are. They can be downloaded to your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Communication in such programs takes place over the Internet channel, and this is often cheaper than calls to mobile or landline phones. Also, the exchange of text messages in such programs is much more profitable than correspondence.

Read this guide to learn more about how to choose which board management solution fits your needs.

What to consider when choosing a program for video communication?

Before you start working in virtual board software, first learn communication and the other options on the site. And if you intend to use this type of communication quite often, it is still better to download a program or application to your computer device.

When choosing an online board meeting, answer a few questions for yourself:

  1. How many of your potential interlocutors are registered in it?
  2. Is the software adapted to different computer devices?
  3. How will you get in touch with your interlocutors: from a desktop computer (laptop), from a smartphone or tablet, or maybe you want to use all these devices to be always in touch?

If you plan to communicate with several people at the same time, you should use a program that has a video conferencing or group video chat function.

Also, look at the additional features (options) that the program offers. You can read about them on the official website of the board portal or in the mobile application store in the description of the software product.

The main criteria for choosing a service. What to pay attention to first of all?

Since software deployment and configuration is a time-consuming and costly process, choosing a board management software must be approached very carefully and take into account many factors – in order to choose exactly what is right the first time.

Solution security

If your organization works with the personal data of customers, any information leakage is a blow to your reputation, loss of customers, and, as a result, millions in losses. Most of what the market offers today is cloud-based video conferencing services. Their peculiarity is that all video recordings of meetings, call details, and personal data of users, including logins and passwords, as well as passwords for entering the conference, are transferred by applications to third-party cloud storage.

This storage can be accessed by a wide range of individuals and organizations, and the video conferencing solution vendor has no control over what happens to your data. For such companies, server solutions that can be deployed locally within the enterprise network will become a more reliable alternative. Thus, all communications of the company’s employees with each other and with clients will be stored on corporate servers, without any risks of hacking and data leakage.

Question price

Free paperless meeting solutions are suitable for ordinary users and small businesses with up to 20 employees – they usually have a limit on the number of participants in group calls. For large companies with a large staff, paid solutions are more suitable, as they can offer more collaboration tools and more participants in conferences. In addition, enterprise-grade video calling software tends to take better care of the security of its users’ communications.

Scale and duration of conferences

If you regularly hold meetings and negotiations with a large number of employees or partners, it makes sense to calculate how many people participate in them. In free cloud services, the limit is, on average, up to 50 people in one conference, and the duration is a maximum of 60 minutes. In addition, on popular platforms, large-scale events may be held with video and audio delays due to service congestion. For large conferences to run smoothly, the solution must be reliable, stable, and fault-tolerant.


These days, there are a huge number of video conferencing, meeting, and collaboration services available to businesses of all sizes. With so many options, it can be difficult to know which tool is best for you. That is why do not forget to pay attention to the main criteria of board portal software and choose the best one.

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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