Things to Consider When Creating a Fitness App

Fitness is in. Being able to work on your fitness from anywhere in the world is even more in. That’s why more and more fitness instructors and companies are creating fitness apps. After all, who wouldn’t want to be able to access their custom workout using their phone? In fact, research shows the fitness mobile app market grew by about 330% between 2014-2016. If you want to make a fitness app, these are the things to be mindful of:

Popular Kinds of Apps

There are tons of different kinds of workouts, fitness routines, and diets so it only makes sense that there would be different apps as well. Those include:

  • Activity tracking apps (Steps, calories burned, sleep analysis, heart rate, etc.)
  • Nutrition and diet apps (Recipes, calorie tracking, diet plans, weight tracking)
  • Workout and exercise apps (Follow along with workouts, pre-planned workouts, etc.)

Top Features

While you make a fitness app, you want to make sure you can meet your customer’s needs and not forget anything they are looking for.

User Profile

Mobile app consumers are used to personalization so it’s vital that your fitness app includes this feature. Customers want to feel like they are seen, and their apps are tailored just for them. It would be pretty pointless to subscribe to a fitness app that counted John Doe’s burned calories instead of your own. That’s why your app cannot go on without personalization.


People who are into fitness are typically focused on a goal. So make sure your app includes targets and goals and ways for the user to follow along and track and mark their progress. Seeing progress and hitting goals will make the customer more likely to be motivated and continue using the app.

Wearable Integration

Another thing we have seen skyrocket in popularity is the wearable device, i.e. Apple Watch. Make sure your app is able to be integrated with these wearables for the most accurate tracking of activity.

Fitness Apps have become so popular because they are easy to integrate into everyday life, especially when they can work with a customer’s wearable. It takes out an additional step and lets the wearable and app do the work. The customer then just focuses on getting their workout done, and they can easily track the results when convenient for them.

Workout Tools

The best part of subscribing to a workout app is the ability to have your personal trainer in your pocket. When developing your fitness app, it’s important to remember that and the most common features people are looking for. Those include:

  • Running: Running is a common exercise because it can be done anywhere and it s effective for weight loss. People just need to use their fitness apps to help them reach their goals by calculating how far they are running, how fast they are running, and how many calories they are burning.
  • Workout Calendar: This is a great tool for people to track their workouts. These calendars can be a great motivator because it allows the customer to look back on how their past runs/workouts were and how they’re comparing/improving daily.
  • Digital Coach: The reason why personal trainers are so effective is that they are your own personal coach tailored to your needs and limitations. One downfall of personal trainers is their high cost. A fitness app with a built-in coach at a fraction of the cost is a great tool.

How to Make Money with Your Own Fitness App

When creating your fitness app, you are probably looking to make some money off of your new business. There are several ways you can make money from your app:

  • Paid App: This is a flat fee that users must pay in order to download and access the fitness app.
  • In-App Purchases: Once the customer has downloaded the app, they can make purchases inside. For instance, a one-on-one chat with a trainer about diet or a live guided workout. These are extras that most customers will be willing to pay for.
  • Ads: You can choose to run ads in your app, videos, or images as a way to make money.
  • eCommerce: Another great way to make money in-app is a store. You can sell things targeted to your app customers like workout gear, clothing, and accessories.

Developing a fitness app is a great idea right now, especially during the time of COVID-19, because people are looking for alternatives to going to the gym. Fitness apps are a flexible, more cost-effective alternative to a traditional personal trainer. Creating one of these fitness apps can cost between $11,000 and $20,000+.

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