A guide to some of the coolest features you can use on your Apple Watch

Smart watches have recently been at the forefront of cool, new technological developments, and in that sphere Apple is definitely one of the most well-known and leading players. With each new model the features of this stylish wearable tech improve, so it’s no wonder the popularity of the Apple Watch is increasing. 

If you’ve been tempted to invest in one but aren’t sure how much use you would get out of it or how much it would benefit you, here’s a quick overview of some of the many cool features it has to help you decide on whether to take the plunge.

Fitness features

In many ways the Apple Watch can be used as a high-end fitness tracker; logging your daily step count, the amount of exercise you do, how many calories you burn, your blood oxygen level, and how active you are. It will even vibrate to let you know when you’ve been sitting still for too long. Gym bunnies can use it to track runs or bike rides, and because it’s water-resistant you can even swim or surf with it on. For more detailed reviews try browsing a site such as Superwatches, where you can compare models easily.

Health features

In addition to the many fitness functions, the Apple Watch has a number of features designed to help you live more healthily. For instance, the heart rate tracker will monitor your pulse and warn you if it gets unusually high or low. It can also detect if your heart starts to beat in an abnormal rhythm, potentially saving lives. The watch can track your sleep cycle to help you get more rest, your menstrual cycle, and even detect if you’ve had a fall and enable you to call for help—a feature particularly helpful for seniors living alone.

Communication features

As you would probably expect from an Apple Watch, the device also has many communication functions to help you stay connected with friends, colleagues, and family even when you don’t have your phone on you. You can answer calls on speakerphone, read and reply to messages and emails, and access apps such as Facebook and Instagram. You can even use translation apps on it to communicate with local people when you travel abroad. There’s also an app that enables you and your friends to use your Apple Watches like walkie talkies by sending short audio messages to each other.

iPhone features

There are a number of features the iPhone has that can also be used on your Apple Watch. For example, you can pay for items with Apple Pay, listen to music and podcasts with wireless headphones, and also store digital tickets and loyalty cards. You also can use the device as a calculator, compass, stopwatch, or flashlight. In addition, it’s possible to check the local weather or the news, locate your iPhone with it, use Siri, look at your photos, or share your location with a friend. At night the Apple Watch can also function as a nightstand clock. What more could you want!

Rakesh Babu
Rakesh Babu
Rakesh Babu is a business analyst with a focus on startups. With an MBA and years of experience, he's a go-to source for insights on entrepreneurship. Beyond the business world, Rakesh is a chess aficionado and an amateur astronomer, always curious and seeking new patterns – whether in the stars or the stock market.


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