The Cost of Hiring Django Developers

Django is a Python-based open-source web framework used in back-end development. Besides, it’s implemented to create complex and data-driven websites that require less code and low coupling. That’s why Django framework is still popular nowadays. And this fact has been proved in the research provided by Statista, where Django is included in the list among the most used frameworks in the world. So, if you want to design a highly scalable and fast app with the MVP (Model-view-presenter) pattern, consider to hiring django developers!

In our material, we are going to cover hourly rates and business cooperation models – outsourcing and outstaffing. Keep on reading it!

What Is an Average Salary of Django Developers?

Depending on experience, expertise, and geographical location, a monthly salary may be different among Django developers. This way, let’s unravel it in this section, drawing you the examples of the USA and Ukraine. According to PayScale, Python developers who are skilled at Django earn up to $67,944 per year in the USA. The maximum amount of their annual income might reach about $118,000 if you look for a senior software developer with the same skill set in this field. In contrast, the Ukrainian programmers with knowledge in Django might get nearly $1,700 per month. As you’ve noticed, salary rates vary across the globe, and you need to decide who you want to hire and which type of business partnership to choose.

How to Find Django Developers?

The hiring process of programmers with expertise in Django is complex. First, it’s important to test a candidate’s soft skills like teamwork, communication, persuasion, and much more. To do it, you need to conduct an interview with potential candidates for an open position in your company. Secondly, it’s necessary to send a task that checks hard skills. When you’ve completed all these mentioned-above stages, you can evaluate the professional qualifications of the candidates and send them a job offer.

Should You Outsource or Outstaff Django Developers?

Outsourcing and outstaffing are two business models that will be in hand if you search for developers who are experienced in Django. So, what are they? Outsourcing is a partnership model with the company, which is located outside your country. The benefits of it are price and reliability. Once you’ve decided to choose this model, you should negotiate about a deadline, scope, and a number of specialists for your project. Outstaffing is another way of hiring django developers. In contrast to outsourcing, the outside company finds programmers for you who might work with you as independent contractors. Outstaffing is a perfect choice for you if you decide to hire one or three specialists.

In conclusion, developers who are highly skilled at using Django framework will be helpful for your project. This framework enables them to generate smooth MVP features, improve time spent on processing requests, and infrastructure maintenance effectively for the app. Thus, if you seek to hire a django developer, don’t forget about the key benefits that we’ve mentioned in our article!

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