Express Your Every Mood With This Crazy 1000-Key Emoji Keyboard

Now express every emotions with this crazy 1000-Key Emoji Keyboard

We have come across some crazy stuff, but this one is definitely at the top end of the crazy spectrum. A YouTuber named Tom Scott has built a 1,000-key keyboard with each key representing an emoji!

Use of emojis has increased a lot lately in almost all interactions on the web – be it comments or text messages or instant messages or even in tweets – and what could be a better way to get to your emojis directly without having to swipe through different emoji panels? A keyboard with a key marked for each of the top 1,000 emojis in use.

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Scott made the emoji keyboard using 14 keyboards and over 1,000 individually placed stickers. While he himself admits that it is one of the craziest things he has built, the work he has put in does warrant appreciation. On the keyboard are individually placed emojis for food items, animals, plants, transport, national flags, and time among others.

The YouTuber has incorporated all emojis from Unicode 8, but has left out the ones proposed in Unicode 9. The keyboard also includes those emojis that have arrived with Apple iOS 9.1 update. Though the emojis will be hard to find, Scott has tried to ease up that bit by categorizing similar emojis on one keyboard making it a little easier for him to find the apt one.

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We believe that Scott’s invention is just a part of his desire to build things and that he will not be commercializing the invention. Even if he does, buyers would need a lot of space to actually arrange them before they can start typing away emojis.

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