Death Stranding 2 Promises To Bring Nostalgia To Fans And A Completely Unfamiliar World To Newcomers

Japanese game designer Hideo Kojima has revealed new details about the upcoming sequel to the hit game Death Stranding. In a recent podcast episode of Brain Structure, Kojima shared that Death Stranding 2 will offer different experiences for different categories of users. Fans of the first part will find certain “nostalgic” elements in the sequel, when, as newcomers, they will plunge into a completely unfamiliar world.

Kojima did not provide any further details about the plot or gameplay of Death Stranding 2 but did mention that the game is being developed using new technologies that were unavailable during the creation of the first game. 

Actor Norman Reedus, who played the character Sam Porter-Bridges in the first Death Stranding, was also a guest on the podcast and confirmed that he is currently working on motion capture for his character in the sequel.

Death Stranding is an open-world action video game developed by Kojima Productions and published by Sony. The release of the title took place in November 2019. The announcement of a sequel was made with a trailer featuring actress Leia Seydoux as the main character, Fragile. Death Stranding 2 is being created for the PlayStation 5 console. It is currently unknown when the game will be released or on which platforms it will be available other than PS5.

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