Elon Musk Has Put His Job As Company CEO In The Hands Of Twitter Users

After relaunching the Twitter Blue subscription, now Elon Musk asked users to vote in a poll on Twitter on whether he should leave his position as CEO of the social network. 

After 8 hours of the survey, the poll ended with over 17 million votes, with 57.5% of users voting in favour of a change in leadership and 42.5% voting against it. 

Shortly after the poll began, Musk tweeted that people should be afraid of their desires because they can come true, and those who seek power are the least deserving of it. He also stated that major changes to the social network’s policy will now be accompanied by polls.

Twitter has faced criticism recently for introducing a rule prohibiting the promotion of other social platforms. The firm said that it would stop allowing free marketing of certain social media platforms, which might result in the banning of connections to rival websites — potentially leading to the blocking of links to competing sites such as Facebook, Mastodon, Trump’s Truth Social, Tribel, Post, and Nostr. 

The policy sparked widespread backlash, with many referencing a June post by Musk condemning closed ecosystems. The rule was later reversed, and the relevant posts were deleted from the Twitter Support channel and guidelines.

Shortly after the takeover, Musk stated that he did not want to be the permanent CEO of Twitter. He is only serving in the role until existential crises are resolved. He has also said that the CEO’s job requires someone who can like pain and keep Twitter alive. It is unclear how the recent poll result will impact his role as head of the social network. However, Tesla stock saw a 5% increase following the end of the poll.

Musk has stated that he will follow the result of the poll, although it is unclear at this time what the implications will be for his role as CEO.

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