Fortnite Could Returns To iPhone Via Nvidia Geforce Now

Despite being banned by Apple after a controversy with payments, the popular battle royale game Fortnite from Epic Games could be available again on the iPhone — thanks to Nvidia GeForce Now.

Fortnite is currently not available on AppStore — in August, the power struggle between Epic Games and Apple over the AppStore rules and participation in games sales escalated, and Fortnite was thrown out of the store.

The fight between Apple and Epic Games still continues in a legal process that is expected to be long and complex. But in the meantime, Fortnite may return to the iPhone in an unexpected way.

According to the BBC, Nvidia has developed a version of its cloud gaming service Geforce Now that runs in the mobile version of Apple’s Safari browser. Theoretically, that could mean that Fortnite is returning to the iOS world as part of Geforce Now. This will allow you to run Fortnite and other video games from the cloud without the need to install any application — similar to xCloud or Stadia or recently launched Facebook Cloud Gaming.

The service is currently available for Mac, Windows, Android, and Chromebook devices. However, it is not available as an app on iOS, again due to Apple’s rules that place limitations on streaming services.

In order to overcome this issue, Nvidia is extending its GeForce Now support in modern web browsers. Therefore, that means the iPhones will also be able to use GeForce Now just by entering the web page and without using a dedicated app.

GeForce Now only works with games that we have already purchased on other platforms such as Steam and that have reached an agreement with Nvidia. And it just so happens that Fortnite is already on GeForce Now, so iPhone gamers will be able to enjoy it again.

However, Fortnite for GeForce Now will not offer the same experience as with the app. The version of Fortnite available is the PC version, so it will be necessary to use a controller as it will not have on-screen controls.

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