AirJet Cools The Chip Without A Fan And Will Be Installed In Future Intel Products

Cooling device startup Frore Systems has announced the world’s first solid-state cooling chip, AirJet, aimed at cooling CPUs, GPUs, and SoCs operating in devices such as laptops, handheld game consoles, and tablets.

The cooling chip, AirJet, sits on top of the heat-generating chip and cools the target chip without using a mechanical fan. With a thickness of 2.8mm, the air is drawn in through the slits at the top. Heat is removed from the chip and discarded from the sides. It is said that a vibrating membrane that vibrates ultrasonically is used for intake and exhaust. Inside the AieJet, the air is converted into a pulsating jet as it draws heat from the heat spreader. And finally, it is discharged from the ejection port provided on the side surface.

The company claims that this solid-state cooling solution can double CPU performance compared to traditional methods. The startup raised $100 million in investment and is now collaborating with Intel to use its technology in the Evo line of laptops.

CPUs usually have a Tau value that indicates how much they can boost at maximum power consumption. This is called the PL2 state and is compared to the PL1 state, which is the normal power consumption. Once the CPU reaches PL2, it cannot remain in that state without proper cooling. For example, Intel’s Core i9-10900K CPU can maintain Tau for 56 seconds before being throttled down. 

According to Frore Systems, AirJet can maintain Tau’s state indefinitely, depending on the scenario. A 1.8GHz ARM CPU coupled with four AirJet Minis can operate at 3.5GHz indefinitely. An x86-based AirJet Pro can run at PL1 at 2.1GHz, rather than 1.4GHz with a fan. Furthermore, AirJet in a 15-inch laptop may create a noise of just 29 dBA instead of 42 dBA with a fan.

For now, the company is also targeting thin portable devices such as tablets, laptops and VR headsets for its AirJet Mini products. The AirJet Mini is about the size of a credit card, measuring 41.5mm long, 27.5mm broad, and 2.8mm thick. Power consumption is only 1W, noise is 21 dBA, which is very quiet, and 5.25W heat can be removed. 

The AirJet Pro for x86 is naturally a little bigger. The size is 71.5mm x 31.5mm, and the thickness is the same, 2.8mm. It can dissipate 10.75W of heat and consumes only 1.75W.

Frore Systems has started an engineering collaboration with Intel. While this doesn’t involve monetary exchange, Intel will use its vast resources to help Frore.

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