Google bypassed China’s Great Firewall for 105 Minutes

We know that China is not that much fond to Google and its services so they are blocking Google with their Great Firewall but last night somehow Google managed to penetrate through China’s Firewall for 105 minutes.

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Google Bypassed China’s Great Firewall

Usually web users of mainland China cannot access Google’s services without going through a virtual private network but yesterday night according to South China Morning Post, at about 11.30pm, a growing number of Chinese internet users put posts online saying they were able to access Google’s search engine through,,,

Yet Gmail and other popular foreign websites, such as Twitter,Facebook and YouTube, remained blocked during the period, according to the internet users.

Access to Google was short-lived because all the services were once again blocked by about 1.15am on Monday.

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Some Chinese media said on their official microblogs that access had become possible because Google had introduced a series of new IP servers – vn\jp\uk\in\ar\es\pk\sa\sg – for India, Japan and other countries in South-East Asia.

Because they were new, China’s Great Firewall, also referred to as the Golden Shield Project, didn’t not recognise the IP addresses as ones it should block, and allowed them to pass through the censors.

Great Firewall is a major factor in the virtual lives of all Chinese citizens, the system is not entirely perfect and this not the first time China’s Great Firewall accidently allowed access to blocked websites, in 2013, Facebook and Twitter managed to worm their way through.

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