Google Introduces Privacy Sandbox Beta for Android to Tackle User Behaviour Tracking

Google has released a beta version of its Privacy Sandbox for Android. The Privacy Sandbox has become a problem regarding user behaviour tracking by cookies, which are currently widely used on the web. It was invented to combine user privacy and targeted advertising.

This beta is the first time the Privacy Sandbox is open to the public on Android. Google is still working on a Privacy Sandbox for Chrome and has had developers test it for about a year.

The Privacy Sandbox is Google’s answer to App Tracking Transparency (ATT) introduced by Apple in iOS 14.5. This ATT requires user consent to be tracked across other apps and websites and asks whether or not to allow tracking, such as when the app is first launched after installation. You may have seen alerts pop up. Google views ATT as an “insensitive approach” because it offers app developers and advertisers no alternative to making up for lost revenue from cookie-based targeting.

However, whether or not ATT and Privacy Sandbox completely protect user privacy is a cat-and-mouse game, as there is a possibility that technologies will be developed in the future that can bypass these and identify users. Google’s launch of Privacy Sandbox isn’t bad for advertisers looking to get better advertising results or for users looking to protect their privacy.

Google says the Privacy Sandbox beta will roll out gradually, starting with a small subset of Android 13 devices and expanding from there. A notification will appear on your device inviting you to participate in the beta. Once you do, you can access the new Privacy Sandbox section in your device’s settings menu to view tracked topics and opt out individually.

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