Google’s Ambitious Project Magi: A New Search Engine with AI Technology

According to reports, Google is working on a new search engine project codenamed Project Magi that will leverage AI technology to give users a more personalized search experience. The new search engine will anticipate users’ needs and provide pre-selected lists of things to buy or information to look up. The Project Magi is still in its early phases, and its release date is unknown, but it demonstrates Google’s desire to redefine the search experience with AI.

Google has previously sought to personalize search results, but the corporation now concedes that personalizing a search provides little advantage to searchers ten years later. Project Magi aims to overcome this issue by offering a much more personalized experience than the company’s current offering.

The new search engine will learn what users want to know by what they’re searching for and be more conversational, like ChatGPT or Bing chat. Additionally, Google is working on other projects that use AI technology to enhance the search experience, such as GIFI, Tivoli Tutor, and Searchalong.

According to reports, the new changes will allow searchers to complete transactions immediately, such as buying shoes or booking airline tickets. Google may also place ads below answers, according to documents.

Finally, Google got worried when it learnt that Samsung was considering replacing Google as the default search engine on its smartphones with Microsoft’s Bing. The company’s search deal with Samsung is worth about $3 billion a year, and Google assumes Bing’s AI capabilities are why Samsung wants to switch. A deal is being negotiated, and Samsung may stick with Google.

Google’s latest search engine project, Magi, demonstrates the company’s desire to revolutionize the search experience and provide customers with a far more personalized experience. Google hopes to anticipate users’ desires and present pre-selected lists of products to buy or information to seek using AI technology, making the search experience more conversational and engaging.

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