Google Releases Android 14 Developer Preview 2 With New Privacy And Usability Features

Google has released the second developer preview of its upcoming smartphone operating system, Android 14. The new preview version includes a range of improvements, including enhanced privacy and security, better performance, and usability of large-screen devices such as tablets and foldable phones. Additionally, it introduces new features, such as the Emoji Lab wallpaper creation function, regional settings, and a full-screen wallpaper preview.

One of the most exciting new features in Android 14 DP2 is the Emoji Lab wallpaper creation function. This feature allows users to create wallpapers using a selection of emojis, including mosaics, lotus, stacks, sprinkles, and prisms. Users can also adjust the colours of their wallpaper design and use the “Randomize” button as a starting point.

Google has also introduced a new “regional settings” option that allows users to set their preferred temperature, units, calendar, and the first day of the week and choose a number system that matches their locale. The wallpaper preview is now full-screen by default, and the “At a Glance” widget has been revamped to display a single line instead of a double line.

Furthermore, Google is adding a new feature that mimics the long-missed notification LED on smartphones. This is accomplished by enabling camera flash notifications and screen flash notifications separately or together in the accessibility menu. The back arrow now has a pill-shaped icon and dynamic colours, and the Navigation mode has been moved out of the Gestures menu in Settings > System. Other key features spotted by 9To5Google include a Security & Privacy header image, a monochrome theme with basic colours, and new Android 14 system icons.

With Android 14, Google is looking to improve the experience of using the app on multiple screen sizes and take full advantage of the large screens of foldable phones and tablets. The company also encourages third-party developers to develop apps for larger screens, wearables, and smart TVs.

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