Google Unveils Android 14 Preview with Improved Features, Enhanced Security, and Readability

Google has released the first developer preview of Android 14, its highly anticipated smartphone operating system. The preview is meant for app developers and offers them a first peek at the latest mobile OS upgrade, including system and API changes. This preview is now only accessible for Google Pixel phones, starting from the Pixel 4a to the newest Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro devices.

Despite the lack of details in Google’s announcement blog post, developers can expect improved tablet and foldable features and optimised background processes that will increase battery life and speed. Additionally, Android 14 will prevent the installation of outdated apps that are known to compromise system security.

Google has limited the API to Android 6.0 to address this problem, forcing developers to declare the API version in their app’s manifest. This will prevent older apps from automatically receiving requested permissions, ensuring users’ devices’ security. This move, however, will not affect users who only download apps from the Play Store, as the app repository has already adopted API limits.

Support for non-linear text scaling is another change in Android 14, making it easier for users to read text on their smartphones. Small text will be adjusted more than large text, making the entire page more readable. Moreover, the Grammatical Inflection API is a striking feature that will enable developers to provide support for languages whose grammar changes depending on the gender of the person being addressed.

Google has announced a release date for Android 14, with an updated developer preview scheduled for March and the first beta scheduled for April. Subsequent betas will be released in the coming months, building up to the “Platform Stability Release,” which will be available between June and July. The final build of Android 14 will be published after July, although no specific date has been given.

Android 14 is anticipated to be a major update for both developers and users. With improved features, enhanced security, and a focus on readability, Google’s latest mobile OS is set to deliver an amazing smartphone experience.

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