Google Wants To Bring Fuchsia OS To More Devices

Google intends to take new steps for Fuchsia OS, suggest new job openings listed by the giant. The operating system released this year for the first generation of Nest Hub appears to be included in larger plans and could soon emerge on more Google devices.

As reported by the 9to5Google, Google is looking to expand the development team for Fuchsia OS. This is evident from the corresponding job advertisements for various positions. The goal of Google is, therefore to strengthen its efforts around the possible Linux replacement so that the system can also be used on numerous other devices in the future.

One of the job listings notes, “In 2021 we shipped Fuchsia to millions of Google smart displays, now it’s time to expand to additional smart devices and other form factors. Come join us and work on the next-generation Google operating system! The Fuchsia Devices team is responsible for making sure we can successfully apply the Fuchsia platform to real world products that make a difference to Google and our users.”

It is currently not known which devices are actually involved. However, other devices from the Nest series appear possible. 

Another ad also states that the work on Fuchsia will bring the system to devices with a new form factor that is intended for Nest and Google Assistant. An advertisement also shows that Google would like to work closely with partners for Fuchsia and influence their hardware selection so that the system runs as well as possible on the devices.

Fuchsia that Google started using on its Nest Hub smart displays earlier this year, is not based on Linux as Android. Fuchsia uses the Zircon development kernel and also Flutter, a language that allows the use of apps from different platforms, including Android. 

Google has been working on its next-gen operating system for five years and now has just posted a job offer for engineers to expand Fuchsia to new devices.

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