Grammarly Introduces Generative AI Feature With GrammarlyGo

Grammarly, the popular writing assistant tool, announced that it is incorporating generative AI into its products with the launch of GrammarlyGo. The new AI proofing software will provide auto-synthesis capabilities to accommodate the ChatGPT API or different generative AI backends to their products.

GrammarlyGo goes beyond corrections and suggestions, as it can create new documents based on user prompts. The software can help users reply to emails, shorten sentences, rewrite for tone and clarity, brainstorm, choose from one-click prompts, and more. All of this can be done while complying with grammatical rules and guidelines.

Moreover, Grammarly’s desktop service displays any text field on your computer, making it slightly more convenient than competing products like Notion or Gmail’s Smart Compose, which require you to access an app or website.

The feature is enabled by default for individuals and can be toggled in the settings. Grammarly argues for the continued usefulness of this feature, stating that it can make most people’s writing better and faster.

This new generative AI feature will be available to all Grammarly subscribers at no additional cost starting sometime in April. More importantly, GrammarlyGo will be included in the company’s free plan for people in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Poland, and Ukraine.

Incorporating generative AI into its products is a significant step for Grammarly, and it will enable the company to stay ahead of its competitors in the writing assistant market. Generating new documents based on user prompts is a valuable feature for many users. It could become a deciding factor for people choosing between Grammarly and its competitors.

In conclusion, launching GrammarlyGo with generative AI capabilities is a significant development for the assistant writing market. It is expected to positively impact the company’s growth and user base. With this new feature, Grammarly is providing a valuable tool to help individuals and businesses communicate more effectively and efficiently.

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