Best course in Hadoop for the beginners

We all are aware of the momentum shown by Hadoop in the present market. It is almost next to unstoppable. The significant reason behind its energy is its open-source nature of the operation that helps it to grow widely in the industry.

As compared to the traditional approach, it brings a unique and most updated strategy for the organization to store, analyze, and share big data. Let us now jump into the advantages of using Hadoop and how it is beneficial for small and big organizations.

A deep dive into the present Hadoop market

A study suggests, and as per the Big Data Analytics Market Report, the Hadoop will cross $50 Billion market revenue in 2020. There is an upward trend in Hadoop’s market. Big organizations have realized the importance and significance of Hadoop in handling and managing Big Data.

Day by day, we see the data sources are increasing, and more and more data is getting created. With Hadoop in place, it is possible to handle and manage such a vast database.

According to a survey conducted by Sand Hill Group in 2013, there was a skill gap concerning Hadoop technology, and there were only a few professionals as compared to the requirement. Both these issues needed to be answered. The only way to solve these issues is by conducting Hadoop training, to enable professionals to meet the market needs.

Now that we have discussed the need to train professionals in Hadoop, we must understand why Hadoop training is necessary. Here are the reasons to answer the question.

Need for Hadoop training in the present situation

Technology is new, and the market needs skilled professionals

It is evident from the research that the implementation of Hadoop was successful. As compared to the demand for skilled professionals, there are lesser professionals equipped with the skills required to work as a Hadoop professional. The only way to fill the gap is by conducting Hadoop training.

Increase in demand for Hadoop professionals

With the emergence of digital technology, there are a lot of data sources through which data is being recorded and stored—for example, mobile apps, social media, and many more.

Now, to handle such a massive amount of data, there is a need for Big Data experts. Hadoop is the only technology that pops in our mind when Big Data is concerned.

Hadoop is a comparatively new technology, and after the emergence of Hadoop release 2.0, organizations are facing a scarcity of Hadoop professionals. They are either asking internal professionals to switch to Hadoop technology or are forced to hire external professionals. This scarcity suggests that there is a need to conduct Hadoop training.

An increasing number of professionals looking to switch their careers in Hadoop technology

It is a trend that whenever a new technology is released, and it receives excellent support from the industry, professionals tend to switch to the latest technology.

With the growth of Hadoop technology, more and more professionals from Java, Data Warehouse, Mainframe, and testing backgrounds are willing to switch to Hadoop. Professionals are ready to leave their comfort zones to learn this new technology.

The Hadoop technology has taken precedence over other technologies owing to its successful implementation.

More professionals switching to Hadoop technology can be one of the significant reasons to conduct Hadoop certification training.

Hadoop’s in-house talent

Organizations are keen to help in-house professionals to gain the necessary knowledge required to work in Hadoop technology. Professionals who are interested in switching their careers in Hadoop technology are given preference over the others.

Training in Hadoop gives you an edge over the other technologies and other technology professionals.

Professionals around the world are not at all free to attend in-class training. So companies are bound to conduct online training for Hadoop technology as well as we have seen organizations partnering with online training giants to help their in-house pool of talent to get the necessary training in Hadoop technology.

There are two reasons why someone will be pleased to attend the online training,

  • The ease of study. You can attend the online sessions at your comfort.
  • The professionals have the flexibility to attend the seminar. You can visit these seminars at any time and anywhere in the world.

Let us now take a look at how necessary online training is. And how it will help you to gain expertise in Hadoop technology.

Big Data Hadoop Certification online training gives you a hands-on experience of elements that fit with the big data lifecycle. It helps you to get awareness about several Hadoop frameworks.

The Big Data online training is designed to give you an in-depth awareness of the Big Data framework using technologies like Hadoop and Spark.

Benefits of online Big Data Training in Hadoop technology

According to research, Hadoop market revenue will cross $80 billion by 2021. There is a shortage of 1-1.9 million prominent data professionals in the USA.

Big Data Architect, Big Data Engineer, and Big Data Developer are some of the designations you will be hired on completion of the online Big Data training in Hadoop technology.

Companies like Amazon, HP, Accenture, Visa, Microsoft, American Express are hiring Big Data professionals.

Eligibility criteria for attending online Hadoop training

Big Data Hadoop online certification training is mainly designed for professionals from the IT background. Database managers, analytics professionals, software developers & architects, senior IT professionals, testing and Mainframe professionals, Business Intelligence professionals are some of the expertise usually expected before you attend the online Hadoop courses.

Pre-requisites of attending the Hadoop certification training

The professionals who intend to learn Hadoop technology must have some basic understanding of the concepts of Core Java and SQL. Hadoop certification training becomes easy for such professionals.

The Big Data Hadoop certification training will help you to get insights into the Hadoop ecosystem, methodologies, and Big Data tools to prepare you for a successful career in Big Data. It will not take more than 50 hours to complete the whole Big Data Hadoop Certification training.

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