Honor Confirms Collaboration With Qualcomm And Intel After Huawei Split

A few months ago, the well-known smartphone brand Honor ceased to belong to Huawei. And according to Reuters, now the Chinese manufacturer has signed a contract with Qualcomm and Intel to work together. 

Honor was originally founded by Huawei as a brand for cheaper smartphones and was later spun off as a subsidiary. Huawei recently sold Honor to a consortium of 30 companies. The now-independent honor is no longer subject to the US government’s embargo, which prohibits US companies from trading.

With the V40, Honor has now also released its first smartphone after separating from Huawei. The device has so far only been presented in China. It uses a Dimensity 1000+ from Mediatek as the SoC — Honor apparently no longer uses Kirin chips.

As long as Honor belonged to Huawei, the parent company largely refrained from offering high-priced models. Often, technologies from Huawei smartphones were reused in Honor devices after a while.

Under the new direction, Honor wants to slowly say goodbye to the low-cost market segment, according to CEO George Zhao. In the future, more premium smartphones will be presented. Honor also wants to invest in the production of smart devices.

It is currently unclear when Honor will offer the first smartphone model with a Qualcomm chip.

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