How To Dual Boot Kali Linux v2021.1 With Windows 10

Kali Linux, by Offensive Security recently released its new version of penetration testing platform Kali Linux v2021.1 with some new features. Also, Microsoft released its most advanced final version of the Windows Operating System, Windows 10.

So how it will be when these two killer badass OSs come in the same device. In this article, we are going to guide you on how to dual boot Kali Linux v2021.1 with Microsoft Windows 10. Dual boot means running two separate OS in the same HDD.

If you are not a fan of Windows 10, then don’t worry — with this tutorial you can also dual boot Kali Linux with Windows 7/8/8.1.

Before starting tutorial checkout — 5 things to do before dual booting Linux with Windows

Materials Required:

Before starting this tutorial first checkout materials required :

  • Of course a PC/Laptop .. lol
  • 4GB Pendrive (Minimum)
  • At least Dual-Core (either Intel or AMD) with minimum 1GB of RAM
  • Windows 10 or any other version of Windows (already installed)
  • Kali Linux (latest version) → Get It Now
  • Rufus → Get It Now
  • Some Patience

Video tutorial available at the end of the article.

So let’s start:

Dual Boot Kali Linux v2021.1 With Windows 10:

Step 1:

First, download Kali Linux latest version ISO file from the above-provided link. Download either 32 bit or 64 bit, that’s your choice.

dual boot kali linux v2.0 with windows 10

Step 2:

After downloading Kali Linux the next step is the creation of a bootable USB. For that, we need Rufus – a utility that helps to create bootable USB flash drives. So download it from the above link and install it.

Step 3:

Let’s start making a bootable USB. First, connect your USB drive. As already said we need a minimum 4GB memory pen drive.

Now run Rufus and follow steps to create a bootable USB.

Step 4:

Now you get a screen like the below image.

rufus 1 - Dual boot Kali Linux with Windows

Step 5:

First, check your USB drive is selected. Then click the small CD drive icon below (2) and locate the Kali Linux iso file that you downloaded from Kali official website. And finally, click “Start” and wait for the process to complete.

Step 6:

After process completion, click the close button to exit from the Rufus window and yes, here is your Kali Linux bootable USB drive.

Other than dual booting Kali Linux with Windows, you can also use this bootable USB to live boot Kali — means run Kali without installing it but with some limited features and functions.

Step 7:

Next, we are going to create a separate partition for the Kali Linux installation. So open your Disk Management settings or Run “diskmgmt.msc” command in Windows.

Create a new partition of size about 15-20GB minimum by shrinking an existing volume. Here we created a new partition of size 17GB.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

Step 8:

Initial processes are all done. Downloaded Kali Linux ISO, created a bootable USB drive and created a separate partition for Kali Linux installation.

Before going on keep in mind always Disable Secure Boot and Fast Boot option in BIOS. 

Now restart your PC/Laptop and go to boot manager and select the option boot as USB [Options will be different for different brands]. Now you will see the installation window of Kali Linux.

There are different options to install Kali Linux. Here you have to choose “Graphical Install” to start with ease.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

Step 9:

Choose the language to be used for the installation process. And press “Continue”.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

Step 10:

Choose your country and continue the installation process.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

Step 11:

Next set type of keyboard layout. Here I choose “American English”.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

Step 12:

Next step set IP configurations. You can configure your network automatically or manually.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

Step 13:

Now the installation will ask for a Hostname. Set any name you want. It’s kinda like a username.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

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Step 14:

In this step, you have to enter a password for “root user “. After entering the administrative account password click “Continue”.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

Step 15:

Next, choose the partitioning method as “Manual“.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

Step 16:

Carefully do this step. Only choose the partition that we created earlier for Kali installation and press “Continue”.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

Step 17:

Then select the option “Delete the partition” and hit “Continue”.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

Step 18:

After the above step, now you can see that your Kali installation partition is now shown as “FREE SPACE“. Choose that free space partition and “Continue”.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

Step 19:

Now, it will ask us how to use those free space. Select the option “Automatically partition the free space” and “Continue” the process.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

Step 20:

Next, choose the option “All files in one partition” that is recommended for new users and press “Continue”.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

Step 21:

Finally, select the option “Finish partitioning and write changes to disk“.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

Step 22:

Here, it will ask permission to write changes in the disk. Choose “Yes” and “Continue”.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

Now the Kali will start the installation process. Wait 10-15 minutes to complete the installation.

Step 23:

In the middle of the installation, it will ask for the network mirror, choose “Yes” or “No”. This setting is about an update option. So we recommended you to choose “No” now. You can later enable it.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

Step 24:

Next, it will ask for installing GRUB boot loader, choose “Yes” and “Continue”.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

Step 25:

Next, it will ask where to install Kali GRUB boot loader. Choose your hard disk, second option. Remember only choose your hard disk to install GRUB. Otherwise, after the installation of Kali Linux, your system will not display the option to choose the operating systems on startup.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

Step 26:

After the successful completion of the installation process, now you can see a screen similar to the below screenshot. Choose “Continue”.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

Step 27:

Now eject USB drive and restart your system.

During startup you can see the GRUB Loader of Kali Linux. Here you can choose “Kali GNU/Linux” to boot your PC/Laptop with the new Kali Linux or else choose “Windows Recovery Environment” to boot into Windows 10.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

Cool, here is your new hacking and penetration testing partner. Start to break stuff like a pro. Also, check out our full A-Z list of Kali Linux commands.

dual boot kali 2.0 with windows 10

We hope you like the article regarding how to install Kali Linux v2021.1 with Windows 10. If you have any doubts or facing any problem during installation please contact us or comment below. We are here to help you.

And wait for some new Kali Linux tutorials 🙂

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Check out Video Tutorial ► Dual boot Kali Linux With Windows

[Solution] – Authentication Problem During Kali Linux Startup

Sometimes, even after the successful installation of Kali Linux, many users fail to login to Kali first time. The problem they are facing is authentication.

You may also experience the same problem, even after entering the correct Username & Password (one that provided during installation), you fail to login to Kali Linux. Don’t worry we have a solution for you.

When Kali Linux asks you to enter Username for the first time, do not enter the Username you given during installation. Instead, just type “root” in username field and then enter the password as “toor“. If that password didn’t works enter the one that you set during installation. Yes, this will solve your problem.

[Solution] – Missing GRUB in Kali Linux

Some of our readers are reporting a problem, that after installing Kali Linux they are unable to boot into Windows. This is because of missing GRUB loader. So to solve this problem you have to reinstall the GRUB menu so that it can detect Windows. To do so boot into Kali and open terminal and type following commands :


Solution Source: Kali Forums

[Solution] – After Installing Kali, PC Directly Boots to Windows

Many readers are reporting that even though after successfully installing Kali, every time PC boots automatically to Windows without showing GRUB. This is due to failed GRUB installation happens because of Bootable flag option is off. GRUB installs successfully only when this option is on. See step 17, you can find the bootable flag option is turned on there during installation.

So this is one of the possible solutions for that problem :

  • First boot with your Kali USB
  • Select the “Live” option to boot into Kali Live mode.
  • Open Terminal window.
# fdisk -l          (First we have to find out the partition Kali is installed on (: /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, etc) )
# mount /dev/sda1 /mnt           (Mount your kali partition)
# mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev          (You will need to mount the /dev directory into mnt)
# chroot /mnt           (change the root to the mounted partition to be able to run the command from the mounted partition)
# grub-install --recheck /dev/sda           (install grub in the HDD sda, not sda1, sda2, etc.., just sda.
  • Now reboot the system, you will see your boot-menu showing Window and Kali Linux both simultaneously.
  • Now, please issue these 2 commands, if they fail, do not worry, you will have to do it after reboot. This will make Windows show up in the grub menu. # os-prober           (looks for partitions in the HDD and register them in the os-prober file. # update-grub           (Takes some templates, including the os-prober file and writes them in the menu)
  • That is all, once done, reboot. You should see the grub menu. If you do not see the Windows option in the menu, don’t worry, just enter Kali, open up a terminal and run the 2 commands I posted above.
  • Reboot again, you should see the Kali and Windows option in GRUB menu

If this method didn’t work out for you then try the below mentioned on.

[Solution] – Adding Kali Linux to Windows Boot Manager using EasyBCD

As we told before, sometimes because of some reason Kali Linux won’t boot after installation and directly opens Windows. And most instance above mentioned method solves this Kali grub not showing on the Windows problem.

If you already tried the above solution and still not solved the problem, then probably this method will help you to add Kali Linux bootloader.

In this method, instead of installing GRUB bootloader we are adding Kali Linux boot entry to our Windows boot manager. To do this task, we are using the free edition of a simple tool called EasyBCD. So download and install EasyBCD Community Edition and do as follow :

Open EasyBCD and go to the “Linux/BSD” tab and choose the option “Add New Entry“.

Next, you have to select the type of bootloader for your Linux distribution. Since we are using Kali Linux — choose GRUB2. And next, change the name of the operating system to Kali Linux. And finally set the drive option as “Automatically locate and load” and hit the “Add Entry” button.

Adding Kali Linux to Windows Boot Manager using EasyBCD

Now you have to set Windows 10 as the default OS so that your system will boot directly to Windows during startup. So go to the “Edit Boot Menu” option and tick Windows 10 or your Windows version and finally hit the “Save settings” button. And finally, restart your PC and boot into Kali.

Adding Kali Linux to Windows Boot Manager using EasyBCD

Let us know the above-mentioned step resolved your issue. If not try this solution.

If you think Kali Linux is not that secure as you thought, then try any of these security and privacy-focused operating systems and also if you are a Linux beginner and feel Kali kinda heavy and difficult to maneuver then you should try with these selected Linux distributions for beginners.

If you have any doubts or facing any problem during installation please free to comment below!

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  1. HELP! I’m on windows 10 and it is not working for me at the boot bit. I navigate to the USB option but it fails everytime. any help?

    • Hi, This is the steps i took after re-imaging my computer about 10 times lol.
      -Ensure you have secure boot OFF and Legacy boot ON, along with UEFI as your primary boot
      – download the kali ISO to your windows 10 desktop.
      – insert your USB, find it in the system folder and format it to NTFS (full format)
      – Use Power ISO to convert your Kali ISO to a RAW IMAGE on your USB. Once complete set usb aside.
      – Go to your system settings. Find DEVICE MANAGER.
      – Click EVERY DROP DOWN MENU and go line by line to UPDATE DEVICE DRIVER (use the search online feature) Do this for every single item in your DEVICE MANAGER PAGE and do not restart until you have completed each one. (reason for this is, i had problems with my UEFI firmware reading my usb. So im not necessarily sure that this was the problem or if it was the format of my usb when it was FAT32)
      – Once you have done that restart your computer and let windows load
      – Insert your KALI USB
      – Click on F12 to enter the boot menu. (you should see UEFI and LEGACY)
      -Click on LEGACY USB and complete the KALI installation (NOTE: You should create a partion for Kali in WINDOWS through the Disk Management. Format it to NTFS but leave it empty so you can identify it during the kali installation. When you arrive to the partion screen in kali do a manual partion. Find the space your created then delete it. You should then see FREE SPACE and that were you will install Kali….AND BE SURE TO INSTALL THE GRUB BOOT LOADER TO YOUR HARD DRIVE NOT YOUR USB!!!!!!!!

      -Once installation is complete you will be able to login into kali from the F!2 key
      – Click on LEGACY HARD DRIVE and Kalii will load!!!!!

  2. Great articles, i follow it step by step, and there’s no problem about installing. But after finish. The group menu not show yet, and actually windows which show up.
    Can tell what’s the problem???

  3. hello!!
    I have a problem, during The grub’s installation, he do not found any operating system , but i have installed in the pc Windows 8.1 . why this happens ??

  4. Apparently windows 10 installed boot manager on second hard drive, so grub didn’t work as a boot manager on my first try (had to install it on second hard drive)

  5. hi I have followed all these steps but I didn’t get grub loader my laptop is uefi based firmware how to modify and add boot option. give me some solution.

  6. Hello, I was installing Kali and it said no DHCP so i said not to configure it now, when i booted Kali up there was no wifi symbol and no connection (obviously) what can i do to fix this or do i need to install Kali again?

  7. this is it.A to Z, Congrats.however on installing
    grub boot loader,more information should be added
    for newbies if it fails to detect current installed systems.
    and the link to remove kali linux should also be ontop of the page.

  8. I didn’t have any idea about was the first time that i was trying to install a dual boot OS and this article helped me to install and also learn the process…tnx …

  9. Hello guys.
    I have 1 problem. I wanted to create bootable USB linux kali device. When i would have USB in my PC i could run linux by going in boot menu and select USB. So i downloaded linux kalix64.iso and wrote it with Win32 Disk Imager on 32GB USB. I restarted pc and i came in Bott menu. There i selected USB boot. I installed Linux from USB. After installing it i wanted to go back on Windows 10. I turned off PC and unpluged USB. Then i turned on pc and i got this message:
    “error: no such device: d75a65fc-e4f5-4b25-9cb4-a82efc6bbb8f.
    Entering rescue mode…
    grub rescue> ”
    Then i turned off my pc and turned it on with USB in it. So it took me to GNU GRUB there i could chose between Linux Kali and Windows 8 (loader) (na/dev/sda1). So now i cant go in any OS without USB in my PC.
    Plz help me.
    Thank you for answer and sorry for my bad English

      • I followed every step but I couldn’t find my partitioned volume in the disk management (at the time of installing i.e, after network configuration) I parties 45gb space for this Kali Linux but when I am installing it shows only 3 primary volumes of about 365mb,890gb,104 GB each…..But my hard drive management is 256,45,201,245 each with dedicated extra memory for windows…. Evrythingis smooth but this allocated space not showing….Please help me to do this

  10. I am Doing All the steps carefully But when Installation Finish. Then Grub boot loader is note Opening. It Direct me to Old Operating system . And One More Thing When I am installing Kali Linux It Saying Something ” Firmware Missing rlt8106e-2.fw” . Please Someone Help How Can I install Kali Linux with Windows 10.

    • Make sure that your BIOS can boot in legacy mode if your using a uefi BIOS.

      –Missing Firmware Problem–

      It is most likely in the firmware-realtek package.

      Here is the detail

      Is it listed if you do

      dpkg –get-selections *firmware*

      If not, you can apt-get install firmware-realtek

  11. OK so i started BOOT MANAGER and booted with the USB but this message poped up
    Invalid signature detected. Check secure boot policy in setup.
    I have no clue as to what i have to so, all help is greatly appreciated 🙂

  12. OK sorry for the “spam”i guess but im back on windows and i went into the recovery mode and i got the password correct so i must be doing something wrong as i had repeated this many times to get the same result so i will explain what is happening, i turn my computer on and i launch kali linux then it introduces me with a login screen requesting username then password and i cant get past this stage i dont know what im meant to do

  13. i have downloaded the kali-linux-2.0-amd 64.iso but when creating bootable usb,then selecting source image file.i get the following message.
    The file format is invalid or unsupported

  14. And im fucked im so sorry, I deleted the volume for linux because I needed the space back and I was going to make a recovery drive but I was getting one from a friend and now my computer is stuck in grub rescue PLEASE HELP ;, (

  15. This worked great but i want to use the room, is there any way i can run Kali live on my usb? And its 32gb so is it possible to make it into 2 volumes one for Kali and one for everything else?

  16. I deleted the Kali Linux partition and when i boot it launches Grub rescue and i cant use a recovery usb because when i go to boot with it it isnt there, i dont know how to set boot order to the usb wither. And should i delete the boot options for kali linux etc?

      • Im so confused, so iv been directed to but im still confused as i cant get to the repair screen, i cant or dont know how to use the repair thing on my usb. im so confused and annoyed as this has fucked over my pc and this is taking forever to fix, a solid and full answer would be amazing, and i am sorry for all my questions on this

  17. my laptop is asus s200e with the specifications processor intel celeron 1,10 GHz with RAM 4GB ,, can put it dual boot windows 10 + kali linux ??
    thank you,

  18. Please Help. Everything worked fine. In the option to choose windows and kali, my keyboard doesn’t respond. But once inside kali. Everything works fine. What to do? Without that I’m unable to boot into my windows partition.

  19. I get the error saying cannot find win32-loader.ini when I try to install Kali Linux from Windows 7 pro 64 bit ..
    I’ve the 32 bit version of Kali Linux..
    Can you help me?

  20. I have dual booted my windows 10 with kali linux by these steps. It is installed perfactly. But when i try to connect wifi networks it shows “searching networks” and this process goes on for long and at last shows no network available though there are many wifi networks available.It shows wifi drivers properly in airmon-ng command.So what should I do to connect wifi networks available.

  21. I succesfully dual booted kali linux with win 10 but the problem is when i select windows 10 to boot,sometimes it brings a scratchy image of wat looks like kali background and doesnt load to windows.i hv to restart my pc severally until it do i solve this?

  22. Nice article !! I am thinking to create a windows 10 – kali dual boot and to overide my ubuntu partition! I have some quenstions! First of all my bios is legancy and not UEFI should i change something? Finally i have about 200gb partition which has the ubuntu , can i just delete it and use the free space of this partition in the step of the manual installation?Should i care something else? Thanks!!

  23. hello sir,

    i followed your every step of installation and it goes well no issue while installing but after installing kali linux when system restarts there is nothing no GRUB just nothing it simplyrestarts on windows 10,the drive or partition i hv created for installation is empty … its like i did’t installed it

    plzzz help me as soon as possible…

  24. no pendrive not contains any file other than bootable media…….. plzz tell me what to do…..
    and one other thing i want to know can i use my internal(host) wifi adapter in Vmware(virtually installed kali linux) i yes then how if not then what can do ?

  25. I tried to install Kali after windows 10 yesterday and did all the steps as above, but after the guided partions step and done setting up the partition, (the swap partition failed to create) error occured and I didn’t know what to do, so I chose abort the installation and now I can’t boot into Windows as the (No operating system found) error is occuring. I didn’t format any partitions. Please help me recover my Windows without formatting it.

    • If you have the installation disc, boot from it.
      Click ‘Repair your computer’
      Then first try to fix the problem by clicking the option ” Startup Repair ”
      If startup repair didn’t fix it,then try “command prompt”
      At the command prompt, issue the following commands, pressing Enter after each one:
      bootrec /fixmbr
      bootrec /fixboot
      bootrec /rebuildbcd

    • I had this same issue, but don’t worry, just use the arrow keys and if you can’t see something sometimes you will have to just blindly type it like when you are confirming your passcode and I had to restart the process several times for that reason but the mouse will work once it is fully installed.

  26. Hello,

    Thank you so much for the article, but after I did everything you said and finished the installation I still can’t see the grub boot installer when the pc restarts itself. Windows 10 boots up normally, I am sure I didn’t install grub to my pen drive. What do you think should be done ?


  27. I wish I had seen this article before I started doing this dual-boot setup on my PC. My mistake was not making the space on my partition first through Windows Disk Manager. I created the partitions in Kali after I had successfully booted it from my usb drive using the gparted software. Now when ever I try to boot into windows from GRUB it says that windows needs to be recoverd. Unfortunately, my laptop doesn’t have a disc drive. Any help is greatly appreciated on this issue. I tried to install boot-repair with no avail. I also tried easybcd and it says there’s an error in the archives.

    Please help!

  28. hello sir,I have followed all the steps and succesfully installed kali linux but after restarting my computer got into wndows 10 as usual.Please suggest any method ASAP

  29. Hey.. I am still not able too boot into windows after doing to what u said up there. Please help..
    And one more thing.. if u can tell me that how to find out if windows is running along with kali linux.
    Thank you

  30. hi I install kali linux dual boot with windows 10 at the end it asks user name and password i put the password and user name i created when the installation posses but it won’t open can any one help?

  31. I successfully dual boot my kali and win10. but it seems my kali become more “admin like” compared to my windows 10. im experiencing 2 condition. my laptop wont turn off when i shutdown using win10 so i have to restart and boot to kali then shut down from there. another thing is my laptop volume when booting win10 seems to depend on the volume level in my kali. My kali’s default volume level for every restart is almost mute that’s why when booting win10, i always boot first to kali to adjust the volume then restart to use the win10. hoping for a solution. thanks to you.

  32. Thank You! I spent a day looking for solution to windows not booting, then found your post, two lines of code, Face Palm!

  33. First off I’d like to thank you for a great tutorial. Very in depth and loved the included picture. So on to my problem. Everything went smoothly so it’s nothing big aside from when I boot up my pc it just goes straight to Windows like it normally would? any help?

  34. Hello I have slightly a different problem here, I have installed kali linux but when I am boot it is not starting the grub loader. My laptop automatically starts windows 10 as if kali linux has not been installed.

  35. I have followed all the steps and succesfully installed kali linux but after restarting my computer got into wndows 10 as usual and one of my hardisk is not showing in ‘device and drives’.please advise what to do.

  36. Unable to boot into Kali 2.0 ….everytime windows10 comes … tried using Easybcd2.3 to edit but Linux/BSD entry is greyed out under add new entry tab … plz help

  37. After installing kali-linux v-2.0 with window 10 sucessfully When select window 10 in grub loader blink screen coming and have to shut down the system

  38. please, i followed you above instruction on how to partition your hard disk well, but when I’m installing the kali linux and i have choose the partition i want to write changes to, it keeps telling me installation failed that i should either abandon installation or skip the step, i know if i should skip the step, the linux won’t be installed in the computer. please can you help me with the solution to this error.

  39. @TechLog360 – Okay, I have Windows 10 pro. I followed directions to the “T” without fail and no problem. Rebooted machine and boots directly into Windows 10. Went into Bios and Secure Boot was already disabled. Went into the Boot Sequence and only 2 options was Windows 10 Loader and my Internal HDD . . . “Debian” or anything else was not listed.

    Suggestions? When I go into the Disk Mng. within Windows, I can see my 15gigs partitioned and says Healthy Partition and that is what I chose to install too as per your instructions.

  40. Hi, so just a few questions.. Will the USB drive be usable again and if so how? and also will the kali linux only have 15-20 gb storage depending on what you chose? Because I have only done a couple things and it says “root” is almost out of storage. None of these are serious issues but I still want to ask. Thanks!

  41. Okay so I installed kali and the first time everything worked, but now when I try to boot into kali it shows a full screen terminal and it has login and pass but I can’t really type (I can type the login but I have to press the same keys multiple times, and the password for some reason just won’t let me type) so I want to know how I can boot into GUI mode for kali instead of this terminal because rn I can’t even login.. Thanks -Simply

    • Edit: I have tried many solutions in the recovery mode terminal such as Startx, updating and upgrading gdm3, I tried the X command, the fsck command, and probably more, and now I looked at my disk management and it looks like the partition I created for kali had split into two parts one is 8.76 GB and one is 5.89 GB which almost adds up to 15 GB which is the size I made the Kali partition.. could that be the problem? Thanks!

  42. Okay I uninstalled Kali because of the issue I was having above, but I can’t seem to be able to boot into kali (was trying to reinstall) and when I boot as USB, a black screen appears and doesn’t load kali. If you could help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  43. Thanks for all the support it works now I think it may have been the fast boot but idk and somehow it un-wrote itself and once I re-wrote it again it worked.. I have no clue but now it works so thanks!

  44. When I boot my PC to USB for installation of Kali. It told me that it is not authenticate and reversed back …what to do??

  45. i have issue to detect and mount cd rom& also i insert and re-insert usb but
    it say”there was a problem reAding data from removable media.plz make that the right media present.if you continue to have trouble,your removable media bad”
    cannot read removable media,0r no drive found..
    i also used refus , poweriso,uui .win32 image/
    plz help

  46. i have acer e1-431 &here secure boot option only in uefi mode.when i enable this mode ,it says”no bootable devise”even inserted usb.THANKS FOR REPLY. now i will try different usb.
    again thank you..

  47. i have try 3 different pendrive,but problem is same.
    what can i do ?????
    &also tell me that when i select UEFI mode,why it says”no bootable device”.

  48. Before reading this only I did all these steps but I haven’t selected the partition manually but selected 1st option I.e entire disk. And everything I did same.
    Does it mean I formatted my entire PC?????
    Plzzz help me. I have very important files in my PC.
    Now my PC (I had windows 7 ultimate) is not loading and even Linux.
    What to do if I had formatted my PC????
    Can i recover it back???? Help me plzzz plzzz….-(-(-(

  49. hey i try to boot . I am using hp 8 gb pen drive but when i restart pc to boot with pendrive it said “hp pendrive blocked by security poicy” please give me an answer

  50. Hello, I successfully installed Kali 2.0 with Win10 but after reboot, it still boots to Windows and no GRUB. When I hit F12, only 1 entry – Windows Boot Manager, No Debian or Kali. I boot again in USB, selected the Live version (to launch a terminal and the command) but it can’t continue, it just shows the sad smiley inside the computer and the text, Something went wrong blah blah…Please contact the system admin.

  51. Hello Techlogger.!Your post is awesome and i’m gonna try it on my PC.But one thing just curious to ask…Will official updates of windows 10 and kali lnux will be posssible after this Dual boot?
    I’m Totally new to it and don’t know it will affect updates or not.!
    Thank you!

  52. I can not log in with the username and password I created, how can you help me ??? I have installed kali linux four times. Thanks

    • How many primary partition do you have, four primary partitions – the maximum number possible, so free up one primary partition and install Kali Linux into it.

      • I have 4 primary partitions: 3 are NTFS and 1 FAT32.
        Ce first NTFS is called SYSTEM 199 Mo, the second one (C:) 430,92 Go and the third RECOVERY (D:) 14,55 Go.
        The FAT32 is called HP_TOOLS (F:) 103 Mo.
        Which one shoul I delete?
        Ps: I also have 20 Go non-allocated

        • Delete the HP_TOOLS partition, and also back it upto DVD/usb before deleting it.
          And then shrink the Windows C drive, and use Windows partition to create free unallocated space for kali linux

          • Thanks a lot, it worked. I always have the problem of keyboard (I need to use a vitual keyboard to enter the password but no problem).

            Sorry if I’ve done spelling mistakes, it’s not always easy to translate French to English

  53. hey I have successfully setup Kali Linux along with windows 10. But I can’t go back to windows 10 . I can see grub loader. and there is windows and Kali linux but I can’t choose windows using arrow key showed by grub boot loader. please help me

  54. I reached last step of installation. But ‘partitions formatting ‘ taking too long nearly half an hour already. ( You said it will take 10- 15 Minutes).
    What wrong with me ???

  55. I did the steps above but it keeps having a problem on the installation part,i partitioned my hdd to 40gb,yet it cannot finish the install the system part

  56. I have succesfully setup kali linux. it’s work.
    but Now when i shutdown my pc in windows 10 it dosen’t shutdown and show the windows 10 lock screen. i can’t shutdown my pc using power option.
    So tell me how to solve it

  57. Thanks
    but i have a new problem. When my pc start it shows error massage ‘unknown filesystem’. and open grub rescue mode.
    i solve it and start the windows & linux. but it keeps having a problem on start up.

  58. “Your installation CD-ROM couldn’t be mounted. This probably means that the CD-ROM was not in the drive. If so you can insert it and try again. // this is the error I received after trying to boot from USB, how do I get pass this?

  59. Well Done, We nailed it !! *HIGH FIVE*
    Had a gr8 tym intalling kali using this article… Its solution to mostly any priblem that would occur… Except for one, that I didn’t configure the network during installation and postponed it… Now after I have intalled all can you help me configure it…. ??

  60. Hey TechLog 360 great detailed article and super fast replies in your comments, superb, Ok i am going to follow your article and will install kali with windows 10,can you please tell me that what are steps that i should take in advance like in BIOS or grub that i dont face these above problems.And in the network config can we do it with wifi during the installation.I am newbie here thanks in advance.

    • Yes you can do network config with wifi
      And in BIOS disable secure boot and enable legacy boot.And also disable fast boot.If you have any doubt you can chat with us during installation through our facebook page.

      • Thanks for the response, i will chat during the installation, plus when connecting with wifi we have to select the Ethernet card which one will i select there are so many mentioned in your screen shot, i have a reservation that will win 10 will work perfectly with kali on board, will grub allow us to select our OS every time on boot, and turning kali updates OFF will harm us how?

        • Usually Kali will automatically detect your network card and also GRUB will show every time during start up.So you can choose which OS you like to boot into through GRUB

  61. Hi, Nice article.
    My problem is that I’m stuck in the partitions formatting process .
    I left my pc for several hours but it’s still in that ” creating ext 4 file system…” mode .

    Do you have an idea ?

  62. In step 25, i selected the bootable USB drive instead of the hard drive. Windows boot loader does not show Debian. How do i make it detect it?

  63. Hello, im using Dell Inspiron and have Windows 10. I try these steps and stucked on point where i was about to install Kali. After restart the computer, then get to graphic installation etc. On partition disks step, it responded ” This machine’s firmware has started the installer in UEFI mode, but it look like there may be existing operating systems already installed using BIOS compatibility mode.
    If you continue to install Debian in UEFI mode, it might be difficult to reboot the machine into any BIOS mode operating systems later.
    If you wish to install in UEFI mode and don’t care about keeping the ability to boot one of existing systems, you have the option to force that here.
    If you wish yo keep the option to boot an existing operating system, you should choose NOT to firce UEFI installation here.
    Force UEFI Installation ?
    No or Yes.
    Help please

      • ok thanks for your reply.Appreciate it.
        Kali linux rans succesfully.
        One more question please, how do i switch to my windows 10? i mean how to switch between them?

        • We choose kali or windows from GRUB2 loader (see the pic in step 27).I think your GRUB installation is failed.So checkout [Solution] – Missing GRUB in Kali Linux in the tutorial section to reinstall GRUB and resolve that problem.

  64. Hello, my Kali Linux setup got stucked when installing GRUB loader, so I abort the installation.
    But now I can’t run Windows.
    When I try to install new window but it shows that they can not find disk driver.
    Please help.

    • Just insert your windows installation media and Choose “Repair Your Computer” go to “Troubleshoot” and then enter into Command Prompt. Enter the following command:

      bootrec.exe /fixmbr
      and then restart

  65. hey my problem is when i installed kali linux on my computer i booted it on my usb and somehow windows10 did too now i cant run my computer without my usb help me please !

    • Sorry i didn’t clearly understand your problem…

      I think you successfully installed Kali with Windows but your pc is automatically booting to Kali without showing GRUB loader…Then please reinstall GRUB – [Check section Missing Kali GRUB in tutorial]

  66. My problem is this step it says an installation step failed you can try to run the failing item again from the menu or skip it and choose something else the failing step is install the system

  67. Missing GRUB in Kali Linux
    i tryed almost everything to get back windows to my grub boot menu and nothing any efficase solution? help,me

  68. Sir, I have installed kali Linux but I’m unable to boot up my computer.when I start my desktop screen is show me blank display with _ and cpu does not process
    Plz help me

  69. Hey, I already off the secure boot and “on” the legacy boot. And already make a partition, and made my usb bootable to kali using rufus several times. But when I try to boot it by US. i don’t see the installation for kali. It just turns into black screen and saying at the bottom left “press ESC to go to Start up Menu” but I didn’t press esc. It just boot to my windows 10 start up screen. Any suggestions?

  70. OK so i read through all the comments in this post and i don’t believe my question has been asked…I have an Asus K55n laptop with both an SSD (loaded with Windows10) and an HDD (loaded with Kali Linux). I installed kali after first removing the SSD in order to ensure there were no problems. After installing it, i put the SSD back in and did the whole update-grub thing and this is my problem……upon boot, i do have the choice to select Kali/Windows 10 but when i choose Windows 10 i get an error message……the only way around this I’ve found is that I boot into Kali, do a shutdown,then upon starting back up, mashing the delete key to get to bios upon which my boot order only shows the SSD (Windows10) so i save and restarted and that’s when I choose Windows again and THIS time it actually loads Windows. I’ve tried updating Grub but this problem keeps repeating and I’m unsure how to get Windows10 to load when I select it the first time in GRUB…..does this make sense? it’s a really odd problem that I’d love to get an answer to

  71. Hi. I have a windows 10 and successfully installed kali but when i start my computer i dont see grub menu it just boots into windows 10 I think its booting in UEFI mode i tried to change boot mode on bios its already set to Legacy any advice?

  72. I did all the steps more times, but it won’t work with my HP laptop. I tried the solution on the end of the article, but kali say “device node not found” and the boot never shows up. Can you help me? I have tried EasyBCD but it says that my pc is in EFI mode. Legacy support is enabled and fast boot is disabled. Help me if you can. Thanks

  73. i selected the partition and then selected deleted the partition and it became free space and then i hit continue.
    then i selected automatically partition the free space and hit continue. and selected the first option recommended for new users and pressed continue. then i hit finish partitioning and write changes to disk and then hit yes and continue.
    it fives error it says “Failed to determine the codename for the release.
    then i selected another partition did the same and again i got same error
    then i restarted my and removed my pen drive. windows 10 was loaded. i went to mycomputer i did not find two partition their.
    Before i had local disk F,G,H,C but now there is only F and C i am not finding local disk H and G
    please kindly help me to regain both my local disk H and G and guide me through the installation of kali
    please help me……………………………………….

  74. Running Kali would be so much easier, but mostly peoples goes with the Ubuntu distribution due to it’s GUI. Ubuntu distribution has a much better GUI (Graphical User Interface) then Kali and easy to use. Where-ever Kali is little bit difficult for users who recently migrate into Linux from window OS.

    so according to my personal experience firstly window users use ubuntu then migrate to kali…..

  75. I have been able to install kali 2.0 on alongside my windows 10 using the steps above.
    But now i can’t access my drives on the windows when am using the Kali.
    Please i need your help.

  76. I’m beginner in linux but after trying to follow your post I can’t complete my installation. My problem is that Grub is not showing after installation. So I tried to turn on the option of “bootable flag ” but the software doesn’t even let me do it. Later the option of choosing where to install grub doesnt appear…
    Also I tried to install grub by booting live kali but after following the steps a message appears saying: error can’t find EFI file.
    I don’t know what to do now…

    • I think you choose “No” when kali asked to install GRUB loader. So to reinstall GRUB menu so that it can detect Windows – boot into Kali and open terminal and type following commands :


  77. sir please help me as everything went fine and at last wifi option in kali linux doesnt switch on and when i try to switch it on it gets switched off automatically

  78. Hi
    I installed Kali Linux . Now when I boot the system it shows both Kali Linux and windows but when selecting windows it says windows failed to start
    File: \boot\BCD
    Info: the boot configuration data for your PC is missing or contain errors.
    Help me what should I do
    I’m using Lenovo g5080 laptop with windows 10 pre installed so I didn’t have a disc

    • I think your windows got corrupted. First uninstall kali and then boot your system with Windows media via USB,
      Then run command prompt and enter following commands :
      bootrec /fixmbr
      bootrec /fixboot

      After that again try to install Kali

  79. Hi Sabarinath, I have followed all of your steps to install dual boot Kali Linux alongside with Windows 10. But, I got a problem with my boot loader. My windows 10 does not appear in boot. I have mounted and updated the grub as you guide in here:


    After success in updating grub and reboot my PC, my windows 10 still does not appear. I was wondering why my boot device located in /dev/nvme rather than /dev/sda.

    Please help me, any thought greatly appreciated.

  80. Please help me…I found different kind of error…windows os load properly but when I try to login to Kali Linux from dual boot menu
    end kernel panic not syncing attempted to kill in it exit
    I found this kind of problem ..
    When I try to login to to recovery mode
    I GOT END CALL TRACE what can I do please help me please we. …

  81. I’ve do that steps on this website, but when the steps at installed GRUB it can’t detect my Windows 10, so i hit yes but my laptop separate into two : kali linux on legacy and windows at uefi bios. So how can I fix that?

  82. I installed kali linux 2016.2 64bit on my dell 5378.
    I got an error “grub failed to install in /target/” and i have tried installing grub using live cd, but when i type in the command “grub-install’ it says command not found.

  83. Sir..i successfully did all the procedure….but my installatiom process is lagging in last….where the grub bootloader has to get installed..
    It ia taking very much time…almost one night and then also..its not conpleted…..
    Help me with thay……please….as soon as possible

  84. I am installing Kali Linux on my Windows 10 PC according to your instructions.The installation has been going well and it has been installed on the system. It is now installing GRUB, and my problem is with the GRUB installation. It has been stuck in the same position for a good 30 minutes now with the command ‘running “update-grub”‘. I don’t know if I am just being impatient or not but I would appreciate your thoughts.

  85. HI,
    I have successfully installed KALI and am using my PC as a dual boot ,other one is WIN 10
    and the problem is that everything was pretty normal and smooth but from last two days am not able to get the boot screen of Linux (for choosing OS) i think i have to change some of my boot setting , could you please help me out with that UEFI and legacy boot set up issues.
    thank you

    • So now you are directly booting to Windows 10, isn’t it?
      Then again run kali linux live cd/usb and follow our missing GRUB solution mentioned at the end of the article.

  86. I followed your all steps..
    Everything is fine…
    Thank you..
    But when kali is selected for startup there are many errors shown. But no harm in proceeding. Why they appear? What is the solution for them??

  87. I have disabled all the quick startup, and fast start options. I have a live version of Kali on usb which I can run no problem. To install Kali onto my new disc partition though I get a graphics error once I select Graphic install. I try and change boot from uefi to cmd and I get error failure to load com32. Please help I have been trying for two days.

  88. What if we don’t install kali linux’s grub boot loader?
    And how to choose Kali linux in windows like view not in kali linux bott loader?

  89. HI TechLog360, not so long ago i tried dualbooting my HP Elitebook 2560p Windows 10, but after succesfully installing kali in the second partition i made, i could no longer enter windows. Kali worked fine, experienced no problems apart from being unable to install kali applications or update. My main concern is that each time i would try entering windows, it would tell me something about the drive being corrupted. I tried several ways, until i had to remove kali, and install my windows backup.and before i could do that it would bring an error about my drive being basic disk yet windows requires dynamic,so i would have to remove all the partitions and start afresh. Kindly help me please. I would like to dual boot windows 10 alongside kali linux on HP Elitebook 2560p.

  90. I tried dual booting kali Linux 2017.2 with Windows 8.1. I did everything correct expect when I get greeted by the Kali boot menu I don’t have the “Graphical install” option. How can I proceed with the dual boot?

  91. hii.. i have a problem while installing kali linux 2017.3 version. after selecting country and language the window will appear with an error i.e.,
    “your installation CD-ROM couldn’t be mounted. this probably means that the CD-ROM was not in the drive. if so you can insert it and try again.”
    please please give me solution of this error.

  92. Hello! Kali linux do not loading – this is a lot of errors “pcie bus error severity corrected type physical layer id 00e5 receiver id”. What should i do?

  93. Grub menu is not showing, I’m using Kali 2017.3
    I can only get into Windows. Your repair guide did nothing, the link you provided is for Ubuntu. Please help.

  94. Hi…ah I have a little problem after i installed kali linux 2017.3 with my win10,i used your solution for directly boots to Windows but i don’t sure if i installed successfully, the terminal showed “grub-install: error: /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/ doesn’t exist. Please specify –target or –directory”
    I tried several times and got same result.
    Please tell me how to do this.

  95. Hey , ,In my boot menu there’s two usb
    1. UEFI USB SanDisk
    2. Usb SanDisk
    , first i tried withthe 1st option everything is fine but except GRUB loader , then after i tried your commands but nothing works.

    Now i tried to install it again but this time i choose 2nd option the difference is the 1st One that is Uefi usb having good interface .
    But here everything gets successfully done even thr GRUB bootloader but after restarting laptop , sane problem occurred – Directly loaded to windows .
    Then Again i tried same commands, nothing works ,
    Please Help me
    Try to understand my English
    Please help
    Thank you

  96. When i open Easy BCD , It says , EFI bootloader Detected ….. eqsy bcd has detected that Your machine is currently booting in EFI mode. …….. and when i click on add new entry , It does not allow me to add Linux/BSD ( all of the section is BLURY)

    • As we already told in our article, that you have to disable secure boot option before installation process. That’s why you are getting similar errors. Just Enable legacy mode and disable secure boot.

  97. Bro, im sorry, ithink i must use easybcd, but they give message “your conputer in EFI mode” i can’t understand can u help me? Plz reply me ASAP

  98. I installed Kali, but grub loader part failed. i got to part grub-install –recheck /dev/sda, but it says bash : command grub-install not found, please help..

  99. I am not able to use WiFi in kali whereas in Windows it is working fine. There is a logo in the corner but it is not able to find any networks to connect to. Please help.

  100. It does not show up the partition I’ve created before like it did on 5:46s in the video.
    And do I need to make it unallocated partition?

  101. thanks alot for your explanation, what i’m facing is that in boot menu either windows 7 or kali linux dont work i dont know why?

  102. I have been installed kali linux for dual booth. But after installation, i can’t go back to my previous boot loader (windows 10).

  103. Kali installs fine but everytime i reboot it only load windows 10 i have tried everything mentioned above but nothing work neither the terminal command nor easyBCD as in easybcd the option to add entry is not highlighted plz tell me i have tried downloading image again using rufus ,win 32 nothing works

  104. installation gets completed i get the grub screen and i select linux gnu i get psmouse symantec unable to query device 1 and system get turnoff.installation is perfect what should i do what is going on

  105. -I tried to install kali linux 2018.1 alongside windows 10

    -I had 33 GB unallocated space in my hard dirive

    -I assined 2 GB for BOOT, 13 GB for root(/), 15 GB for home and 3 GB for swap

    -I installed Kali with bootable flash drive sucsessfully.

    -but the notable point during installation was the steps 24 and 25 of installation process were not shown.

    -after installing and reboting, system starts with windows 10.

    -I installed EasyBCD 2.3 to add my kali linux in my boot loader.

    -but when I run the program I get this error:

    “EFI Bootloader Detected!

    EasyBCD has detected that your machine is currently booting in EFI mode. Due to limitations set by Microsoft, many of EasyBCD’s multi-booting features cannot be used in EFI mode and have been disabled.

    Press ‘OK’ to continue or ‘Help’ to read more about these limitations and possible workarounds.”

    -My goal is to have metro boot loader at startup instead of GRUB.

    -I look forward to hearing your directions in this regard.

  106. Hey ! Please reply this fast
    I installed kali linux with windows 7 it was successfully installed but one problem that windows 7 is not showing on Grub menu.Also i tried various methods but it did not got fixed.
    So i decided to boot into Windows using BIOS but their also under UEFI section no hardware was shown in boot priority list.
    SO, I decided to remove kali linux but how to remove it without getting into window?Also I want my laptop back into its older condition. Plase reply fast .
    I have tried os-prober and etc commands like this in terminal.

  107. dude actually my mouse was not working during the time of installation.
    actually i couldnt see what userid and password i gave
    now the os is asking for user id and password
    i tried everything possible
    it is not accepting please help

  108. HI, I just reinstall my windows 10 and download Kali Linux 2018.2 when I am going to install there is kernel panic issue, please advice, thanks

    Error http //prntscr dot com/jqg0ts

    • That’s weird.
      First, try to create bootable USB again, I think its a boot error.
      If the error still exists after that, download Kali Linux 32 bit and try that.

  109. Hello, I have download and trying to install with 32bit Kali Linux.. But when copying files (installations process) the installation failed I was partition with 40gb free space, will you advice what is wrong and is there a solution for installation failed issues. Thanks

  110. I can’t find GUI when I want to boot , I see live,installer, advanced option…etc , but there’s no Graphical user interface! !

  111. I tried to install Kali Linux , but during installation it shows fails to mount from CD-ROM. What to do next? Pls help me.

    I tried exit shell too Bt it wouldn’t work. Help me.

    • @Arijeet bro Make your usb bootable using Latest version of Rufus, and while making it bootable use DD option to write the iso file on the usb drive . It should fix the issue

    • Check the solution carefully, it clearly says when you can’t find Windows boot option in Kali GRUB. Then you have to boot to kali and open terminal and enter the commands mentioned on it.

  112. can i use another software for making bootable memory card or pen drive . Can you info me which software i use for making bootable memory card and message or call me on this number 9571858877 between 2 pm to 6 pm i am live in india or message me on email

      • I know that key to enter bios setting and i also change boot option but in bios where is secure boot and fast boot option locate i don`t know where is location of this can you tell me the location

  113. I am not able to boot from usb drive ,i have disabled secure boot and fast boot but whenever i tried to boot from usb ,the pc automatically boot to windows ,and i have also checked usb is successfully bootable by using mobalivecd..

  114. I have a dell laptop with gpt partition and uefi…. I followed all your steps step by step…. But at last i get an error grub-installation dummy failed…. Please help me out…. I have Windows 10 64 bit installed

  115. hey guys i really have a bigg issue trying to install kali duel boot with win 10 i do all but when i click on graphical install it shows me a message
    end kernel -not syncing vfs: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block

  116. Man you sure Rufus will work? Because I made my usb bootable according to steps but I noticed two errors (if we call the first one an error):
    1- right after choosing graphical installer starting line in black screen includes ” … Register access failure… ” after that in the installer after choosing language in Detect and mount CD-rom step it says “your installation cd rom couldn’t be mounted”. what should I do? should I try another program to create bootable usb? please respond.

  117. I have done everything as mentioned but when I boot into Kali there is no gui , I have tried everything such as gdm3 etc nothing works also I am not connected to a network so can’t run apt-get update , Please help

  118. I am getting error as my machine is in EFI mode….. when i try your method to solve my problem where even after successful installation my laptop boots to windows 10 directly….
    can you please look after it…

  119. Hi, i follow all the step
    And succes installed kali linux, but my windows 10 not list in grub. I’m tried all grub reinstall with kali live, and do update-grub but only kali linux found. Any solution?

  120. I did exactly like this, but after the installation, the kali Linux is not booting.
    it’s booting my windows 10 only.
    please give me a solution.

  121. Hi.. thanks for tutorial.
    I experiences 2 issues below:
    1. When installing Kali, I didn’t see step 24 & 25 above.
    2. After installation finished, it directly boot Windows 10 and never boot into Kali. I’ve tried all possible options:
    a. using os-prober (ok) and update-grub (failed: command not found)
    b. using mount (ok), chroot to sda (ok), grub-install (failed: command not found)
    c. using easyBCD also failed because it said easybcd detecting windows using uefi and limits some features, so I can’t add new entry for Grub2 in Linux tab.

    Can you advise?

  122. Hii….i have a problem with my kali linux
    The installation goes fine but after the reboot the windows 10 boots and when i check in disk management the kali linux partition is empty it is shown as free space ….. plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

  123. After finishing partition ,it displayed “No EFI partition was found” can u please help me with this..

  124. Successful installation after following all steps. But I have problems, wifi is missing and bluetooth won’t start. Please help. thank you.

  125. I installed kalix Linux for Windows 10 x64…..ave used both Rufus and balenaetcher to create the bootable USB drive…but Each time I install… there’s always a error….LOAD DEBCONF PRECONFIGURATION FILE….I don’t know wat went wrong


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