How to Sell Used Electronics Online

It is human nature to always crave for the good things in life. You may have stocked your home different types of electronics ranging from your phones, TVs, and music systems. However, manufacturers are always improving models and even introducing new products such as Apple One to ensure that you always have a good time.

Times are also changing, and something that looked cool several years ago may now be outdated. A smartphone with 8GB internal memory and 2 megapixels camera looked okay 10 years ago. However, people are now looking for phones with multiple cameras and memory that exceeds 64GB. How do you sell the electronics you no longer use and make that upgrade?

Sell at buyback services

The good thing with this approach is that you get fast quotes based on the information that you provide. Such platforms buy specific models, which means that they understand the product in question. You do not have to wait for bids or even spend anything to market the used electronic you want to sell. The platform can either buy the used electronic for parts or refurbish it and sell it to other consumers. The terms of sale will vary from one platform to the other. It is thus important that you familiarize yourself with the platform you choose.

iPhone has been consistently rated among the best smartphones for many years. Such a phone can break when it hits a hard surface or even spoil when it is submerged in water for long. Repairing your phone can be a bit expensive and not worth it if it is an old model. You do not have to worry because you can sell your broken iPhone to Buyback Boss and use the proceeds to get a better phone. The quote you get will depend on the iPhone model you want to sell and the extent of the damage.

Sell on social media

The followers and friends that you have on social media can be your next customers. Social media platforms were founded for interaction purposes, but they have transformed to be one of the biggest marketplaces we have today. Think about over 2.7 billion people who use Facebook every month. Your post will not reach all these users, but at least if you have a good following, then you are guaranteed commendable reach. Take clear photos of the piece of electronic you want to sell, create a thorough description, and then post. You can indicate a fixed price or a negotiable one.

The description will depend on the platform that you use. Facebook does not limit the number of characters you can use. However, if you decide to sell on Twitter, then your description should be short as you only have 280 characters. Facebook is one of the best platforms as there are dedicated groups where you can post your ads. Solutions such as Facebook Suite are making it easy to integrate Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram seamlessly. It is you to decide on the delivery approach when you decide to sell your used electronics on social media.

Sell through eCommerce platforms

The internet has opened up the world in a way that you do have to own a physical shop to sell your products. There are thousands of eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba, where you can display your used electronics to millions of potential buyers. The joining requirements of these platforms vary from one to the other, depending on the target market and regional regulations. Such platforms also specify the nature of products that you can sell through their platform. They also highlight the return policy in case the used electronic does not satisfy the end consumer.

Research on the platforms that you can use based on your locality. Go through the listing terms and understand what is expected of you. Check similar listings on the platform to come up with a competitive package that will attract potential buyers. Some of these platforms will pick the product and deliver it to the end consumers. There are some that will require you to deliver the product to the consumer. Ecommerce platforms work with shipping companies to ease the movement of products from the seller to the buyers. You can also select from a variety of payment options that will enable you to get your cash after you sell.

Auction your electronics

Bidding sites allow you to get quotes where potential buyers decide on the value of the electronics you want to sell. Such an approach may give you a higher return than what you had in mind. Some of the users on such sites are looking for souvenirs while others are looking for electronics they can use at home. Some of the auction sites will list your product for a given period within which you will decide to either sell or keep your product. The auction site can either charge you a listing fee or get commission after you make a sale. You can customize your listing based on region and other demographics.

Place sponsored ads

How many times have you come across ads of similar items that you have searched for on the internet in the past? It happens a lot as search engines observe your browsing history, which determines the nature of ads that will appear on your feed. You can take advantage of such algorithms and place ads on Google, YouTube, and various social media platforms. The beauty of ads is that you can target people based on region, demographics, or even spending habits. There are also certain ads that you pay only after people interact with them, which reduces wastage.

Different platforms will have different guidelines when you are placing such ads. For instance, an Instagram post must either have a video or image accompanied by a caption. Take clear images of the electronics you want to sell, create a description, and highlight your asking price. The ad should lead to your sales pages, your contact page, or even your personal number, where you can interact more with potential buyers. Ensure that you have a responsive landing page, or else you scare away potential buyers.

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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