How to Use Clubhouse to Grow your Business?

By now, you must’ve heard whispers on the wind about Clubhouse – an invite-only social media app where users converse in voice channels. However, there is a chance you might not know how this app has become a golden platform for small businesses.

With its fairly untapped massive audience of 10 million users and explosive popularity, it’s the perfect platform for business growth. And as it turns out, many business owners are already using it to take their brands to the next level.

Think about it – Clubhouse is an app where you can talk to people in real-time and drop in on conversations as well. Ergo, you can talk about your brand to promote it and listen to the target audience in order to understand their needs.

Now, as a troubled business owner, you might be wondering how to use Clubhouse in one of your marketing strategies. Well, that’s where we come in.

In this article, you’ll learn everything about the beauty that is Clubhouse and how to use it to grow your business. So, keep your wits about, and let’s dive in.

What is Clubhouse, and How it Works?

The Clubhouse is basically an audio-based, invite-only social media app that allows users to get in touch through voice chat rooms. Also, you can listen in on conversations by joining public chat rooms, referred to as clubs, and speak your mind there.

Every day, more than 700 thousand rooms are created on Clubhouse, and millions of listeners join them to learn or lead. Their topics range from philosophy to astrophysics, consumer behavior to celebrity trash talk – if you can think of a topic, you’ll find it here.

In fact, when you join the app, you are required to select a couple of topics that match your aptitude. If you plan to use it for business, the best way would be to choose topics relevant to your business’ niche.

Once you make the selection, the platform will recommend rooms to join that it considers beneficial for you.

In short, you have the liberty to either create your own room or join another one with potential customers. This allows you to promote your business and increase brand awareness, which pays off in the long run.

Well, now that we’ve caught the gist of how the Clubhouse works, let’s move on to the tactics to grow business using this app.

Using Clubhouse for Business Growth

1. Utilize Bio Effectively

Use the bio section to tell your brand’s story and to share its values with the audience. Keep it simple and unique so people can easily understand what you and your brand stand for.

Also, the Clubhouse algorithm uses bios to return search results with matching skills or search terms. That’s why it’s a good idea to embed some relevant keywords in your bio as well, so people can find your profile easily.

Keep in mind that most people use profile pictures and bios to judge a person’s credibility on Clubhouse. Thus, write a compelling bio to hold the audience’s attention and encourage them to check out your brand.

2. Develop a Relationship Between the Brand and Consumers

The key to business growth is establishing a relationship of trust and loyalty between the brand and the consumer. Now, that’s only possible with effective communication on both sides.

Therefore, get in touch with your target audience by joining rooms and initiating direct conversations with them. It’s a great way of promoting your brand, asking for feedback, and understanding expectations/needs.

When you listen to the audience and engage with them one-on-one, it builds a bond between you and them. And this bond can be later utilized to invoke brand loyalty and draw consumers toward your business.

3. Do Sponsor Rooms

Do Sponsor Rooms

Find some popular rooms relevant to your business niche and sponsor them to increase your brand awareness. Basically, it’s not so different from sponsoring a podcast or a YouTube video.

All you have to do is get in touch with the admins and tell them you are willing to sponsor their room. In return, you can ask the speaker to introduce your brand at the beginning of the discussion and read out its bio.

Or you can also request them to repeat your brand’s name every once in a while during the conversation. This will increase people’s curiosity regarding your business, and they will check it out to see what all the fuss is about.

And that will lead to an increase in your brand’s awareness, online engagement, and potential customers.

4. Do Brand Partnerships

A great of establishing your brand’s presence and credibility is to partner up with famous people. See, it validates your profile when you get in leagues with popular people with a considerable fan following.

And that spikes people’s interest in your brand. So, reach out to renowned business owners, celebrities, leaders, and influencers of your niche and invite them to collaborate.

If they agree, then host live chats with them, so their audience also gets to know who you are and what your brand represents. Host these collaborations frequently, and soon your brand will become a familiar name among the masses.

5. Make Inclusive Conversations

Initiate inclusive conversations that anyone can join and contribute to without feeling like it’s not their cup of tea.

This will help you get the attention of intrigued Clubhouse users and introduce them to your brand while they participate actively. Thus, look for trending topics people can relate to and host rooms to discuss them.

Ask the listeners what they think about the subject and what the base of their opinion is. Also, take this opportunity to inquire about your brand as well and see how people respond.

Hosting such engaging real-time conversations allows you to connect with the audience and get them excited about your brand. Ergo, more brand awareness and a better reputation for Clubhouse for you.

6. Participate in Other’s Rooms

While hosting your own conversations is important, don’t forget to join other groups and promote your brand there. First, search for the groups and clubs that match your niche and join a couple of them.

Actively participate in the discussions there and raise your hand to give input regarding the subject. Doing so establishes your authority in a particular field, which impresses listeners and encourages them to interact with you more often.

This provides you the opportunity to convert those charmed listeners into customers by talking about your brand. Hence, it’s another effective tactic to expand your social circle and utilize it for brand endorsement.

7. Learn from Experts

If you look around, you’ll find a lot of wisdom scattered across Clubhouse. Many industry gurus host their own rooms and chats to talk about hot topics in their field.

Thus, take advantage of this factor and join rooms of experienced business owners and successful entrepreneurs. Listen to them carefully and learn the tips they use to make their businesses prosper.

Also, you should ask questions about any problem that you are facing and try to get helpful answers from them. Learning from the experts will aid you in dealing with challenges and coming up with new ways to grow your business through Clubhouse.

8. Find People with the Skills You Want

Use Clubhouse for headhunting and put together an effective and efficient business management team. Simply join some clubs relevant to your brand’s niche and connect with people there.

Look for eligible candidates with the exact skill set you need to grow your business. For instance, you can search for expert marketers, business development veterans, virtual assistants, etc.

Once you find a candidate, approach them directly and tell them about your long-term plan. If they found your vision exciting and promising, they would be glad to work with you and help expand your business.

9. Build Your Audience

Build Your Audience

It’s said that any brand is as good as its audience, which is quite true. The number of followers you possess on Clubhouse forms your brand’s social proof and represents its credibility and public standing. Hence, you should secure as many followers as possible to build a strong audience and establish a presence on the platform.

Currently, the fastest and easiest method of getting more Clubhouse followers is to purchase them online. It’s pretty easy and, as it turns out, helps increase the organic reach and fame of a brand rapidly.

But only that’s if you buy real followers on Clubhouse from a legit service provider, like Media Mister. They offer 100% authentic and high-retention Clubhouse followers that are real people with active accounts.

You can easily buy them at affordable prices and from multiple countries to expand your reach across continents. There’s also a full money-back guarantee against every purchase that protects you from any monetary loss. So, what’s there to lose?

Go through with this tactic and buy Clubhouse followers to build a vast audience quickly.


As you read this very line, Clubhouse is growing swiftly, and nothing’s there to stop it. More and more people are joining this app daily, allowing you to tap in and promote your brand.

So, get on board this dynamic platform as soon as possible and apply the tactics we shared to grow your business quickly.

We hope that you liked this post and have finally learned how to use Clubhouse for business growth. Would you like to share some tips of your own? Well, then go ahead and share them in the comments section. Stick around for more informative and helpful posts like this!

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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