Video Games: How They Affect Your Education

It would be fair to say that video games are every mom’s nightmare. Parents argue that video games for high-school and college children should be forbidden, though, of course, it is absolutely impossible to do so and it will never be done. However you can’t disagree that video games sometimes work the same as some drugs, they are addictive, they interfere with your life, you got irritated if someone tries to take them from you, and you see no problem in video games whatsoever though numerous studies show that they can be harmful to your life and your academic progress in particular. We don’t want to bore you, but we feel an obligation to emphasize effects video games have on your education once more.

Video games are said to be one of the primary sources for increased aggression and vulnerability, which can have adverse effects on your ability to communicate with peer students and professors. Of course, we don’t want to say that video games make you a maniac or sociopath, but there are studies which show that it is much more challenging to socialize for people addicted to videogames. Socializing is crucial when it comes to progress in education. When you are on good terms with your professors, you receive better grades and much more help from them with papers. When you have friends who can share notes, references, some online education-related findings with you, you proceed better. If you need time to get rid of video games, and simultaneously, you need your essay writing tasks done, address a cheap writing service for help, and later pick up the slack and write on your own.

Video games have a negative effect on your ability to concentrate, and make you more anxious, and less effective, especially in writing and solving complex assignments. Like almost any major disturbance to the brain, video games make you less concentrated, which means you need much more time to deal with the same assignment which took you only hours previously. You get distracted, irritated, and anxious, and often it seems almost impossible to finish a particular task on time. Video games are based on distractions. It is how they make you involved all the time, but what is good for video game makers and sellers, is harmful for your education and your future.

Video games steal your time and cause sleep deprivation, serious problems with deadlines, and inability to plan your daily economic activities. We bet, there are situations when you say that you will spend not more than 20 minutes on a video game, just to relax, and later you find yourself playing for 4 hours straight non-stop, all your other assignments put aside. It is not a pretty picture, as you can’t control your time. And when you can’t control your time, you don’t control your life and your educational progress. Even if you know how to plan your day, an excessive amount of video games steal time needed for research, writing essays, participating in extra activities valuable for your academic life. We recommend starting noting the time you spend on video games to have a clear picture of their influence on your life. You should always remember that there are no miracles, that thing that takes the most of your time and attention, is that thing you become the best at. If you want something more than becoming the best video games played in your age group, you need to focus on something else.

Video games create an illusion of socialization, the illusion of peers, friends, understanding, and supportive society. It seems that you have friends online, which share your understanding of the world, but those are actually not friends they are Illusions, and it is true not only for video games but for 90% of online communication. Maybe it is not directly related to your academic progress, but it is related to your future career. Most of those esteemed professionals and successful leaders talk about connections they have made during college or university helped them a lot on their way to the top. We don’t hear them talking about friends they found playing video games. Real life connections can truly help you with your aspirations and your dreams, so don’t trade your dreams for playing two more hours of video games. If you feel you are addicted to them, look for the assistance online or offline, if you use them occasionally, to rest, it is still better to find some more efficient and less hazardous activity to relax your brain.

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta, with a Master’s in Tech and Digital Media, she's an expert in the latest tech trends and social media. Recognized in tech forums Nethra is known for her reliable insights. When offline, she loves digital art and gaming.


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