How Will Touch Screen Technology Help Retailers This Holiday Season?

Retail shops can benefit from using interactive touch screen kiosks in a variety of ways. These days, customers expect an interactive and personalised purchasing experience. This cutting-edge technology can improve your customers’ overall shopping experience, while also increasing sales and providing you with useful data.

According to Fujifilm’s market study, face-to-face interactions with customers can help your business to succeed. However, with advances in digital technology, more retail businesses are turning to self-service options to boost their efficiency, as well as customer service. As a result, retail shopping has become easier for both the business and the consumer, thanks to interactive touch screen kiosks.

However, positive and memorable interactions are also important for shoppers. According to Oracle, 81% of European shoppers are willing to spend a higher price for a better shopping experience. However, capturing customers in-store while competing with retail giants such as necessitates taking further steps, prompting merchants to use innovative technologies such as digital signage to create engaging experiences across retail locations. As a result, consumers are more engaged with brands, and sales have climbed by 32%.

Using digital signage can help your brand to remain contemporary and modern. With Christmas just around the bend, touchscreen-based digital signage can provide significant advantages for your retail business.

What is an Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk and How Does it Work?

An interactive touch screen kiosk is a device that customers can engage with and use to search for products. Specifically, customers can use their fingertips to touch the screen and obtain essential information about the availability of their favourite brands, ordering, and self-payment alternatives on the customisable touch screen kiosk.

What are the Benefits of Digital Signage for Retailers?

The appeal of digital signage is one of the reasons for its effectiveness. Traditional signage can be attractive; nevertheless, it lacks the flexibility of a digital sign, which can display a large amount of content. Electronic systems are also interactive, which attracts customers within the store.

Digital signage is a cost-effective way for small businesses to boost sales and advertise in-store events. Furthermore, it can help with brand development by highlighting information that supports the image that retailers wish to project. It can also boost visibility if placed in crucial areas of the business; as a result, a digital sign entices customers and communicates information about the store’s brand plus merchandise.

Over time, more and more retailers have begun to use digital signage to attract customers, since it allows for speedier connections with target consumers in various locations. Using this technology enables store owners to immediately receive feedback, allowing them to respond promptly. Furthermore, because there is no need for printing, production costs are reduced, leading to significant savings over the long term.

Using Targeted Messages to Increase Brand Awareness

It is important for retailers to send out relevant and timely messages that match their brand, products, or campaign in today’s fast-paced retail environment. Brand recognition has been proven to rise by 48% when using digital signage displays. As a result, shoppers are more likely to recognise merchants who use digital signage.

Attracting New Customers and Increasing Store Traffic

Storefront locations with digital signs have seen an increase in foot traffic. When observed in-store, 74% of consumers are effectively enticed to dynamic digital media displays, according to Fujifilm’s market study. In addition, digital signage displays boost store traffic by 33%.

Operating Costs Have Dropped

By using an interactive touch screen kiosk, you can lower your business’s operational costs by reducing your number of staff. This cutting-edge technology may be used to answer customer inquiries, check the availability of certain products, and provide specific product information, empowering customers while also lowering your overhead expenses.

Furthermore, there are no training costs involved with a touch screen kiosk. Product catalogues and other data can be loaded into the kiosk software and accessed with a single push of a button.

Increasing Sales

Let’s face it: owning a business is pointless unless you’re making sales. It can be tough for a human sales assistant to understand what is going on in the shopper’s head and to determine which promotion or new product to make available in order to enhance sales.

Using an interactive touch screen kiosk, on the other hand, can significantly increase your sales. It can present promotional messages and recommended products without appearing overbearing because it has a record of the customer’s buying behaviours and favourite brands. Additionally, this technology may present bundle deals with comparable products, allowing customers to save money while increasing sales.

Self-Serve Kiosks Reduce Wait Times

Standing in lines is one of the most stressful aspects of the holiday shopping season, and retailers do everything they can to minimise them. However, labour expenses and space constraints restrict retailers’ ability to lower wait times. This is why so many retailers are switching to self-serve kiosks and other service-enhancing touch screen devices. These innovative devices shorten lines and increase customer service, especially when employees who were previously stationed behind the counter are moved to the shop floor.

Stress is Reduced by Using Digital Displays

The first half of the battle is getting customers into your business; the second half is keeping them there long enough to select the appropriate present and make a purchase. Creating a positive and engaging client experience during the holidays is more difficult than ever, due to large crowds, overworked personnel, and shopping fatigue. Lines at the cash register are one of the most stressful aspects of the customer experience. Digital displays may reduce stress and anxiety, and they’re a fantastic place to place fun and instructive promotional content.

Efficient Payments

One of the most effective ways to speed and secure client payments at the point of sale is to use touch screen kiosks in retail. Customers can use this technology to finish the checkout process swiftly and securely while using a variety of payment options. Additionally, such kiosks can be utilised to show clients promotions and other offers before checkout, further boosting sales.

Insights on the Consumer Journey

The age of big data and analytics is upon us, revolutionising traditional retail marketing. Customer insights may be acquired in a unique and efficient way using digital interactive kiosks. The interactive kiosks can save information such as psychographics, demographics, buying patterns, and behaviours of large numbers of customers. Every organisation is driven to plan focused marketing initiatives by this priceless customer data. 

The days of mass marketing are long gone. In turn, touch screen kiosks make it easier to deploy tailored marketing campaigns to ensure that your company caters to each client’s specific needs and preferences.

Final Words

There are numerous advantages to employing touchscreen technologies and displays in your organisation. Touchscreens are available in a variety of sizes, from small ones for use in elevators to large display panels that can be mounted on the wall or erected as standalone display kiosks.

There is no end to how you can employ touchscreen and electronic directories in your business, with the number of apps and customisations already available and continuing to increase and grow. Isn’t it time to upgrade to contemporary technology and retire your old displays?

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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