Harmony OS — New Android alternative from Huawei is now live

Finally, after teasing for months Huawei released its first-party operating system HongMengOS — but officially they named this new android alternative as Harmony OS.

We all know Huawei will replace android one day releasing their new operating system, but they were holding back till now. And today, at Huawei Developer Conference, the company’s Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu surprised the audience with a faster and safer os than Android — Harmony OS.

The in-house operating system is open-source and primarily aimed to power up IoT devices and is not compatible with Android apps out-of-the-box.

But Richard Yu said that Harmony OS is capable of replacing Android on smartphones and it can deploy at any time. Until then, Huawei will continue to support Android.

The operating system is based on what is Huawei is calling “the first microkernel-based distributed OS for all scenarios” — meaning that it will scale from IoT devices like smart speakers through to TVs, wearables, and smartphones. And it will support RAM sizes from as low as kilobytes through to gigabytes.

Huawei says that its new OS represents an entirely new generation of operating systems as it enables AI capability in different scenarios from PCs, tablets, and other domains.


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