MetaERP: Huawei Launches its Own EPR System and Breaks Free from US Vendors

Chinese tech giant Huawei has launched its Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system called MetaERP, marking a big shift away from US vendors. 

The move comes as a response to the technology export ban imposed by the US government in 2019 under the Trump administration, which led Chinese companies to pivot away from their legacy ERP systems and seek their solutions.

ERP is a critical component for managing resources in any organization, and numerous companies like Oracle and SAP offer custom ERP solutions for this purpose. Huawei’s legacy ERP system has been used for decades, generating billions of dollars worldwide. The company did not specify which US vendor it had used to manage its ERP needs but announced that it had successfully migrated to its own EPR system.

Built over three years with the collaboration of thousands of employees and multiple partners, MetaERP is described as “future-oriented, ultra-large-scale, cloud-native.” Huawei claims it currently handles “100% of Huawei’s business scenarios and 80% of its business volume” and has already been tested for monthly, quarterly, and yearly payments without glitches.

MetaERP is already integrated with other Huawei systems, such as EulerOS and GaussDB, making it a comprehensive solution for the company’s needs. Tao Jingwen, Director of Huawei and President of Quality, Business Process, and IT Management Dept., said that the company had proven its prowess by building its own MetaERP and managing the transition away from legacy ERP systems.

Huawei’s de-reliance on US vendors on such a large scale is noteworthy. The potential for MetaERP to be commercialized and sold to other customers who don’t want to opt for solutions like Oracle or SAP is significant. However, Huawei has not yet commented on this possibility.

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