IBM Unveiled Eagle: A 127-Qubit Quantum Processor

IBM is advancing in quantum computing by presenting a chip called Eagle, with 127 qubits. The announcement was made at the company’s Quantum Summit and shows the progress made, as well as its roadmap.

IBM has already made quantum computing an important part of its future commitment. Eagle is its first quantum processor with more than 100 qubits.

IBM quantum processor development roadmap

Bob Sutor, Vice President of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Quantum Solutions at IBM, points out, “Eagle marks the point where we are, and that everything continues according to what was planned.”

Eagle, which has not been manufactured in large numbers, has been developed entirely in IBM facilities. This processor uses new techniques, which places the processor control components on multiple physical layers while the qubits are on a single layer. Eagle incorporates a 3D packaging architecture, and as Sutor has confirmed, there is no conventional computer that can fully simulate it.

The 3D architecture allows more usable qubits and reduces errors due to interference. IBM specifies that the Eagle processor will be made available to certain members of Quantum Networks in December.

They have also proposed the launch of their Quantum System Two, a modular quantum computer that is expected to be launched in 2023 and will work with processors of more than 1000 qubits.

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