How to improve productivity and stay focused on the task at hand

In times of rapid technological advancement, regular people are daily encountered with numerous distractions. Because of this, it is sometimes difficult to stay focused on the task we are trying to complete and we find ourselves overwhelmed with unfinished work. In the following article, we will go over some of the best techniques you can use to stay focused on the task at hand, and generally improve your overall productivity.

Methods for productivity increase

Tip #1

Firstly, let’s talk about productivity while working on a long-term project or something that takes time to complete. When most people aim to complete the task at hand as fast as possible, they commit to it fully without taking any breaks. This is unquestionably the wrong way to reach maximum productivity as studies have proven that short breaks boost concentration, memory, and creativity. Consequently, working non-stop on a certain project will lead to exhaustion, stress, decision fatigue, and an overall lack of productivity. Overall, it is best to divide our work into small sections that we complete and reward ourselves by making small breaks.

Tip #2

Moving on, we’ll talk about single-tasking. If you weren’t previously introduced with the term, single-tasking is a great way to increase your general productivity by focusing on a single task at a time, fully completing it, and moving on to another task after taking a break. This method is scientifically proven to be very efficient and is progressively by more people as time goes on. It is worth mentioning that using RescueTime or Timeular is great in these situations. The two applications we previously mentioned are used to track and analyze how you spend your time during a day and how you can further improve your productivity. In addition to this, the apps offer weekly reports that will give you valuable insight into how you can spend your time more efficiently.

Tip #3

Our tip number 3 is going to be based around organizing your day in advance. Particularly, it is proven that efficiency rises when you make a to-do list of the following day. You should take your time and slowly dissect how much time you have for each activity while thriving to complete the key tasks. Don’t be a stranger to sticky notes that will remind you to stick to the routine that you’ve catered for yourself if your thoughts wander away. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that sorting responsibilities into certain categories is efficient as well. For example, you can sort crucial tasks into a separate group and you will instantly prioritize that over some other daily activities. Lastly, you shouldn’t write unnecessary things such as making lunch, showering, or walking as you are bound to perform those activities regardless.

Tip #4

For the last tip on this list, we’ve prepared an analysis of great audio to text converter named Audext. This automatic tool is an application that will greatly improve your productivity in many ways. First, let’s analyze its key features and then we’ll explain how it can practically improve your productivity.

To begin, this application can transcript any popular audio file you need into text, which can save you a lot of time as a result. The app boasts various forms of audio forms including, but not limited to MP3, M4A, and WAV. Audext can also identify noise and voices that your speakers produce which is useful if you need to identify audio that you cannot fully comprehend or understand.

Unfortunately, it cannot transcribe video files and convert textual files to audio ones. Furthermore, it cannot convert audio files to textual ones which contain incomprehensible background noise, with the most common example being regular music files. That being said, let’s analyze practical situations in which you can use Audext to your advantage.

For example, this audio to text feature is very useful in situations in which you need to analyze and write down certain conversations, interviews, podcasts, or press conferences. Moving on, this application is very useful for students who need to write down lectures from their online classes or lessons. Additionally, it comes handy in situations where you might want to write down voice recordings or memos from another mobile device. Furthermore, psychologists or various types of medical staff can use this app as it can generally improve the quality of the services they provide.

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