The Next iPhone Would Integrate An Optical Fingerprint Sensor And 1 TB Of Storage

New rumors are surfaced about the next iPhone — one is, next iPhone could be one of the few phones in the world to have 1TB of internal storage, and the next one is Apple would bet on integrating an optical fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 13 screen instead of an ultrasonic one.

Optical fingerprint sensor instead of the ultrasonic

According to Joanna Stern, a journalist for The Wall Street Journal whose source is a former Apple employee, states those in Cupertino are working on fingerprint sensors built into the screen. Of course, it would be an optical reader, not an ultrasonic. The second is found, for example, in the latest models of the Samsung Galaxy family.

The most interesting thing is that Apple would have managed to create a “more reliable” optical fingerprint sensor than the ultrasonic variant.

An optical sensor reflects light onto the user’s fingerprint to generate a photograph and compare it with previously saved patterns. If it matches, proceed to unlock the phone — or activate other features. For its part, the ultrasonic reader relies on a sonar that directs waves towards the footprint to identify its geometry and also make a pattern comparison. The latter, in addition to being faster, is also more accurate.

If the WSJ information is correct, it will be interesting to see how Apple has managed to get its technology to outperform the ultrasonic reader in reliability.

An iPhone Pro with 1 TB

Jon Prosser, a well-known iPhone product rumor leaker who has been successful more than once, has posted a video on his YouTube talking about the next iPhone that could have 1 TB of internal capacity without SD cards. In the video, Prosser explains that at the time, there was little more than prototypes.

However, Prosser himself also clarifies the negative points of this. The first is that the iPhone is increasing in price in capacity, and we have already seen Apple’s maneuvers to reduce costs, such as not including the charger in the box. If a 512GB iPhone is already especially expensive, imagine one with twice the storage.

We will have to be patient and wait until September or October 2021 to confirm these informations.

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