Is Fleet Tracking Legal?

It is only natural for you to worry about your vehicles’ whereabouts as a business owner. After all, it is an investment that can’t be easily replaced when damaged or lost. 

You might get concerned about your drivers representing your company or feel uncomfortable that you can’t keep track of most company cars. You want to stay updated, see how things are going first-hand, and gather as much new information about the vehicles as possible. But the question is, can it possibly be done? And is it something that is allowed in the industry as well as in the legal field?

Most commonly, today’s companies have what they call a “GPS tracking system” to ensure customers and the company’s safety and satisfaction. Vehicle monitoring systems are a great means for employers to show their workers, clients, and future clients that they’re committed to effectiveness and cutting-edge techniques in the workplace. Companies like Verizon GPS fleet tracking provide products and services that ensure every activity done by the driver or events that take place on the road have proper and transparent documentation.

Drivers know that they’ll be watched and that you will regularly track their vehicle’s location. It is safe to say that fleet monitoring is a standard practice in today’s market and that keeping track of your automobiles is a necessary step in safeguarding your business and your clients.

When can fleet tracking be considered legal and appropriate, and when does it violate that? Here are some important points to consider.

Informing your drivers of the tracking system

While most companies inform their drivers upon implementing their fleet tracking system, some choose to be more secretive about it. In some cases, businesses choose to keep their usage of car-monitoring devices under wraps. 

One reason for this is the perception that a car monitor is intrusive on laborers’ rights and a sign of suspicion from the employer. They like to keep the monitoring setup under wraps to avoid appearing careless or dishonest in the eyes of their workers and customers.

There have been concerns expressed about the legalities of tracking corporate cars with the driver knowing of, or none of, installing such a system. Although there is various legislative information on GPS tracking, it is not prohibited for a company owner to monitor corporate vehicles. You should apply this legislation with or without the worker’s knowledge of the tracking system.

The vehicle’s ownership

The use of a car monitoring system is typically allowed if you possess legal documents proving ownership of the cars that are being observed.

If you are using a corporate car for business reasons, this rule applies to you. Monitoring a vehicle owned or leased by a company usually is permissible; however, the legal rules regarding tracking a car you don’t legally own or lease differ depending on where you live.

The tracker’s position in the car

Trackers must be installed correctly to function effectively. Drivers are required by law across the country to maintain an unobstructed field of vision at all times when operating. When installing an on-board navigation system, states mandate that a 5-inch by 7-inch box must be positioned in one of the bottom east or west corners of each windscreen.

It would be best if you utilized GPS trackers and dashboards in a manner that does not interrupt the driver of the car from focusing on the road. While it’s unlikely, your driver may be issued a citation for operating while using a GPS system. 

Before beginning a run, drivers must familiarize themselves with their schedules and set up their systems before going on the road.

Having a good night’s sleep is one of life’s most precious commodities. The peace of mind that comes with knowing you can follow your vehicle regularly and be nearly instantaneously accessible to help your drivers is one of the many benefits of using tracking cameras and other devices.

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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