Kaspersky Developed New Secure Operating System From Scratch — Kaspersky OS

The famous antivirus firm Kaspersky has unveiled its new operating system, called Kaspersky OS — claims to be one of the “hackproof” and secure operating system.

The OS has been in development for 14 years and makes its debut on a Kraftway Layer 3 Switch.

This unassuming black box is a protected layer 3 switch powered by Kaspersky OS and designed for networks with extreme requirements for data security,” said Kaspersky CEO,Eugene Kaspersky.

According to blogpost of Eugene — The GUI-less operating system is built from scratch, “not even the slightest smell of Linux.”

The Kaspersky OS based on microkernel architectureand and can be custom-designed as per requirements by using different modification blocks.

Kaspersky OS has a built-in security system, which controls the behavior of applications and the OS’s modules. So in order to hack this platform hacker would need to break the digital signature which requires a quantum computer.

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