5 Kinds of Information You Can Obtain with a Person Search Engine

A person search engine can take up all your time. That’s because when you learn about them, you may enjoy using them. You can find free ones online, and what they reveal might fascinate you.

Potential employers use these search engines when conducting background checks during the hiring process. However, because so many free ones exist, you can use one for another reason as well. You might look up someone you’re dating if you want more info they won’t divulge. You may look up people you know when you’re just passing the time.

Person search tools can reveal critical information, so let’s look over what you might learn when you start exploring cyberspace.

Contact Information

You can find out someone’s contact information with one of these tools. You can see their address, along with their phone number. You will often see their email address as well. You also get their full name. If someone you know won’t reveal an embarrassing middle name, you can find it this way.

You might need this information when locating someone with whom you feel connected. Maybe you met them briefly, and you think you might date them if they gave you a chance. Now, you can call them or contact them via email. Only follow up if they seem receptive, though.

Criminal Records

You can understand why someone hiring for a company would want detailed criminal records. If you’re a hiring manager or a business owner, you want someone working for you with a spotless record. If they have minor drug offenses, that might not bother you much.

If you learn this person killed someone or they have several DUIs in their past, that might convince you they should not represent your company. You want someone working in your store or warehouse that doesn’t make such poor decisions.

You may also use this tool when looking up someone you’re dating. Maybe they seem perfect, but they won’t reveal much when you ask them about their past. 

If you learn they spent time in prison for some particularly heinous act, you may cut them off right there before proceeding any further. You can avoid future heartache with a person search tool.

Employment History

You will likely learn a person’s employment history with a background check, and if you’re considering hiring them, that makes a huge difference. If they say they had several previous jobs like this one, you should feel better giving them the position. 

If you learn they didn’t work where they claimed, you know they’re dishonest. You also know they’re unqualified.

If you can’t search someone’s employment history and can’t find a specific job they claim they had, they might insist it’s an oversight. That’s not impossible. You can contact their former employer directly if you suspect an error or omission.

Education History

You can also learn someone’s education history when you use a person search tool. This makes a difference when you’re considering hiring someone. Maybe they say they’re a Georgetown graduate, or they’re a USC alum. If you see no evidence they attended that school, you know they’re probably lying. Maybe that’s not the only untruth on their resume.

Again, oversights occasionally happen, and you can contact the school directly and ask them. Usually, though, the person search gives you the correct information.

You can also look into someone’s education if you’re dating them. If you learn they fabricated their past, that might disturb you. You may confront them and get an explanation before you involve yourself in the relationship any deeper.

Court Records

Court records can reveal many things. You might find something about a person that completely shocks you. For instance, you can learn whether they ever married anyone and whether they ever divorced them.

If you’re dating someone, and they say they never had a spouse, this search can prove or disprove that. You may find this person had a spouse, and they never officially divorced them. You can confront them and see what they say about it.

You can learn whether someone owes child support. You can find out whether they own any property and whether any entities have liens on that property.

This information should paint a clearer picture. If you have someone in your life and you don’t completely trust them, you can satisfy your curiosity this way. Maybe you learn this person speaks the truth, or perhaps you’ll find out the opposite.

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