Learn Android App Development And Java Basics From These Free Tutorial Websites In 2020

Ready to become an Android developer? But don’t know where to start and where to find good tutorials to learn Android app development?

Don’t worry this article may help you to find some awesome free tutorials regarding Java for Android beginners and Android development.

Android is now becoming most popular mobile platform. We get an Android app for each and every task. Seeing these apps, most of us get amazed and always wanted to create our own Android app.

To become an Android developer one must have to know basic knowledge of Java programming language before playing around Android Studio. As a beginner, learning Java for Android development is the primary step you have to face and only after that you have to dive into tutorials to learn how to develop Android apps.

There are a lot of paid and free tutorial websites are available to learn Android app development, but most of us fail to choose the right one and blame Android for being “hard to learn“.  So here are the 15 useful websites to learn Android development from scratch

Learn Java Basics for Android Beginners:

Java is the most widely used programming language to develop simple and complex Android applications. Recently Kotlin became primary programming language for developing Android applications.

As it’s the new player, limitation in the availability of documentation and forum support for the solution of problems while coding Android application made Kotlin unsuitable for Android beginners. So Java is still going to rule the Android app development ground for coming 3-4 years. So first learn to code in Java.

So here are the places where to learn basics of Java for Android beginners?

1. TutorialsPoint

A perfect tutorial website to learn basics of Java for Android newbies. TutorialsPoint covers essential basics of Java in simple language with a lot of examples.

2. Trail: Learning the Java Language

This is the official tutorial platform from creators itself. The Trail covers the fundamentals of programming in the Java programming language. As it from the home, Oracle covers all the basics of core Java programming language.

3. Vogella

Vogella another free tutorial website to learn basics of Java. Since it covers more than basics, so better as a beginner, you have to only check “Java introduction” part of the tutorial.

4. TheNewBoston

If you like to learn basics of Java by video tutorials the TheNewBoston is the perfect place for you. Provides well-detailed video demonstration of Java programming language help beginners to learn faster.

5. AndroidAuthority Article

Not a tutorial website, but AndroidAuthority published a well-written article that covers basic concepts of Java with a focus on the Android platform.

Learn Android App Development:

After learning basics of Java for developing Android applications, next step is covering how to code an Android app with the Android Studio — The Official IDE for Android.

Here you will find a couple of tutorial websites and YouTube channels to learn Android app development.

1. Official Android Developer Site

Directly from Google, this one is the official Android developer site where you can find many things for developing Android application.

If you are a beginner or intermediate Android developer, start with “Getting Started: Building Your First App” tutorial because this is the only one tutorial in this website which provides complete step by step instructions to create your first app and for other tutorials they only mention major part of code no whole activity or layout file code.

So I recommend you to build your first application with Building Your First App tutorial then use rest of the tutorials as references and head to next website to learn more.

2. TutorialsPoint

We already mentioned, the best place to learn Java basics is also the best place to learn Android development too. TutorialPoint provides step by step guide to begin your Android learning covering different category. TutorialPoint also has dedicated video tutorials for Android online training for absolute beginners.

3. ViralAndroid

ViralAndroid covers almost everything required for beginner and expert Android developers like Android tutorial, examples, tips and tricks, libraries and other information related to android application development at free of cost.

ViralAndroid covers different topics like android user interface (UI) design tutorial, android layouts tutorial, android material design tutorial, android web view tutorial, android design support library tutorial and others. Basic things of all these tutorials can also be found in a topic called “Android Application Development Tutorial” in the main menu.

4. Android App Course

Android app course covers fundamentals of developing Android applications, including programming tool installation, project creation and coding, and running an app on a physical or virtual Android device. More specifically, you should gain the knowledge of how to use basic development tools to support the application development process, as well as the key components of an Android application itself. Before you head on to this tutorial, make sure you know basics of Java.

5. Vogella

Another great place to learn Android app development. Vogella also covers more topics with depth concept. Vogella is a useful site for both beginners and experts.

6. Alison

Alison — in this free online course, leading Android developers will talk you through a variety of topics relating to Android apps development in a series of video presentations. Topics covered include architecture overview, application lifecycle, Android APIs, Android app development, development tools and the Android User Interface.

7. TheNewBoston

TheNewBoston — a YouTube channel famous for its lots of programming tutorials also provides Android development course for beginners. TheNewBoston has about 200 tutorial videos to help you out. You can also access videos through their official website too.

8. Derek Banas

Another famous YouTuber who provides free programming video tutorials. Derek Banas have about 25 videos to help Android newbies.

9. Android Developers

Android Developers channel on YouTube is the home for Android developers Live videos from our live events, as well as for videos containing demos, tutorials, and anything else related to Android development.

10. Alex Cory

YouTuber Alex Cory provides around 34 video tutorials to learn Android App Development. Along with some other programming tutorial videos.

So start with Java basics then head on to Android SDK to code your first Android app.

To become a successful Android developer, reading and practicing only these tutorials are not enough —  else you also must have the passion to learn, time to research and materials to get started.  Happy coding!

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