LG Breeze Wireless Earphone: The Future of Sleep Aid and Health Monitoring

Sleeping with wireless earphones is a common practice for many people who use music or the radio to help them fall asleep. However, LG’s new wireless earphone, called the LG Breeze, may be a more optimal solution.

Developed in collaboration with SleepWave — CIC (Company in company, independent companies) operated by LG Electronics to nurture new businesses and pioneer new markets — these in-ear wireless earphones have been designed to help users sleep and monitor and control their sleep phases.

Unlike smartwatches, which use pulse and vibrations to track sleep, the LG Breeze wireless earphone use sensors to detect sleep-related brain waves. They are extremely lightweight, weighing only 6 grams each, and are capable of reproducing specific sounds to aid in sleep. These sounds include lullabies, nature-inspired ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), and sounds tuned with brain waves. The LG Breeze has about 80 built-in sounds and can also be synchronized with the user’s music or YouTube videos.

LG Breeze Wireless Earphone

The LG Breeze also can sync its sounds with the user’s brain waves. According to LG, playing 100 Hz in the left ear and 98-102 Hz in the right ear can induce 2 Hz brain waves, which can help with sleep. The wireless earphone also record sleep times and phases and analyze posture and movements. In addition, through the accompanying app, users can track additional data, such as the number of steps taken.

In addition to its sleep-aid capabilities, the LG Breeze also has a unique feature to help with hygiene. The headphones come in a box equipped with an ultraviolet LED to help eliminate germs and disinfect the headphones.

The LG Breeze is just one of the innovative projects displayed in LG’s LG Labs Zone at the upcoming CES 2023 event. Currently, there is no information on pricing or availability for the earphone. However, they represent a clear example of how earphones are evolving beyond simply playing music, with LG leading the charge in the field of wireless earphone. The company has previously released self-cleaning headphones, and now the Breeze earphone offers an entirely different focus on sleep aid and health monitoring.

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