List of lightweight website versions with no or very little JavaScript

Lightweight website versions that we listed below comes without any bloats and loads much-much faster than its original version — because these lightweight website versions come with no, or little JavaScript and are smaller than 1MB in size.

Popular powerful websites now we surf today loads a whole full script other than contents and use far more data. Because of this problem, most of these bulky websites takes a lot of time to load and use a hell lot of RAM — you know if you use especially Google Chrome.

Here comes the importance of lite version of websites — they help to load quickly and give importance only to content, so that readers can get it much faster and in a simple form. Yes, when the website is lightweight, the appearance would also be simple and unappealing. At least that we have to pay for fast loading and bloat-free version of websites.

Advantages of lite website versions:

  • Bloat free
  • Uses less data
  • Loads faster
  • Loads less script and shows a simple layout
  • Uses less RAM

List of lightweight website versions:

Here is the list of the lightweight version of some famous websites:

Lightweight Website Versions Description
FacebookBasic mode of Facebook
Gmail BasicBasic HTML version of Gmail
RedditReddit .compact view
TwitterA faster, data friendly way to use Twitter
Hacker NewsA social news website focusing on computer science and entrepreneurship.
DuckDuckGoA lite version of
qwsxLightweight URL Shortener
CNN LiteA lite version of
PxletLite index of various websites including Hacker News, Reddit, Slashdot and more
ReutersA lite version of
PrivadoSearch online privately and securely. This search engine didn’t store your IP address or searches in any identifiable way.
wibyA search engine for lightweight websites

Soon we will add more lightweight website versions to this list. Also, if you know any, feel free to mention them on the comment section.

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