Meta Acquires 3D Lens Printing Company Luxexcel

Meta acquired Luxexcel, a Dutch company known for its expertise in 3D printing prescription lenses for smart glasses. This acquisition is a strategic move to enhance the development of Meta’s AR glasses, although the deal’s details have not been disclosed.

Luxexcel was founded in 2009 and initially focused on 3D-printed lenses for the automotive, industrial optics, and aerospace industries. However, the company later adapted its technology to create prescription lenses for the eyewear market. 

In 2020, Luxexcel entered the smart eyewear market by integrating 3D-printed prescription lenses with technology. The following year, Luxexcel partnered with WaveOptics, a company that provides displays for Snap’s Spectacles, to create waveguides — lenses powered by transparent display technology that can superimpose virtual objects onto a user’s real environment. Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, later acquired WaveOptics.

Meta’s acquisition of Luxexcel is motivated by the latter’s ability to print complex optics for smart glasses and AR headsets. There are rumours that Meta’s Project Aria, a pair of sensor-rich glasses used to train the company’s AR perception system and assess public perception of the technology, may feature a lens made by Luxexcel.

While Meta is undoubtedly working towards producing its first AR glasses, we will likely not see the finished product for some time. The potential for AR technology in the eyewear market is vast, with applications ranging from entertainment and gaming to education and healthcare. By combining 3D printing technology with AR capabilities, Meta and Luxexcel have the potential to change the way we interact with our surroundings.

It will be interesting to see how Meta’s AR glasses progress in the coming years and what new possibilities they may bring. Overall, acquiring Luxexcel is a promising step forward for Meta as it progresses in the AR industry. With the combination of Luxexcel’s 3D printing capabilities and Meta’s AR technology, the possibilities for the future of smart eyewear are endless.

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