Microsoft’s Bing AI Chatbot Goes Mobile

Microsoft recently launched a generative AI-powered chatbot on Bing, allowing over a million users access to a preview of the tool, with millions more on the waiting list. This is a significant step forward for chatbots, as access was previously limited to the desktop browser Edge. But Microsoft is now making more products, services, and devices accessible to the public, making chatbots more accessible.

Bing Chatbot can now be accessed through the Bing mobile app and Edge browser app for Android and iOS devices for users accessing the tool through their Microsoft account. 

This opens up new opportunities for users, allowing them to ask queries and get information on the go, just like they would with the Bing chatbot on a desktop. Users can also launch a chatbot from the Edge mobile app’s home page.

In addition, Microsoft has made the Bing chatbot available on Skype. Users may conduct one-on-one conversations with the chatbot or add it to a group chat to use this functionality. Users may use the chatbot to plan a trip or obtain movie suggestions. Bing also supports over 100 languages, making it an effective translation tool for Skype and other chat platforms.

Another notable update Microsoft offers is the addition of voice control on both mobile and desktop platforms. Users may now use their voice to interact with the Bing chatbot, and Bing will respond in a voice too. The voice is female by default; however, users can change it to male if they want to.

AI chatbots are becoming more prevalent as technology becomes more available to users through various devices and services, and they may soon become an integral part of our everyday life.

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