Microsoft Edge Get Big Feature Updates: Bing Image Creator, Image Editing, and More

Microsoft Edge will get several new capabilities in an upcoming update. Bing Image Creator, which employs OpenAI’s DALL-E image generation model to generate images depending on user input, is one of the most important developments. The Bing Image Creator will be displayed in Edge’s sidebar, providing the user with four distinct picture options.

Edge’s built-in image editing tool is another interesting innovation, allowing users to save and edit web pictures without leaving the browser. Users may crop, alter lighting and colour, and apply filters from the browser window, eliminating the need for independent picture editing tools.

Drop is another new feature in Edge’s sidebar that allows you to easily share photographs, notes, and other data between devices. Users may drag and drop any information they want to share into a single place that can be accessed from any device, making file storage and retrieval simple and efficient across many devices.

Microsoft has also improved Edge’s efficiency mode like Google Chrome, adding two new options: “Balance Savings” and “Maximum Savings.” While the previous setting was activated when a Windows laptop’s battery dropped to save energy, the new modes allow users to maximise Edge’s performance while optimising energy use.

These upcoming updates will improve Edge’s usability and efficiency as a web browser. The new improvements will be available to users in the upcoming weeks.

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